Sunday, September 23, 2007

I had a baby!

Well, I did have a baby, personally, about 18 and a half months ago. But what I'm referring to is not the cunning child in the Baby Bjorn above, but Sora and Yehuda Cohen's brand new baby girl, that I helped deliver!! Well, I labor coached, but close enough, I got to be there for a brand new baby girl's birth, back in good old Sharei Zedek. Deja vu, except of course I wasn't in pain even before the epidural kicked in... and then, this was a much shorter hospital experience than the advent of Sarah Rochel, but still - such fun!!

Being a labor coach for real, as in, for pay, would be such fun. But actually, I think this is one of those things that doing it for free might be even MORE fun. It helped, however, that Sora and Yehuda are two of the nicest people in the entire world. A less amazingly nice couple might have been less fun to do this with...

B"H Sora sent her (first) daughter to my same metapelet up until a month or so ago, so the metapelet was happy to keep our girls until such time as Sora would deliver. So she bathed Sarah Rochel, changed her, fed her... so that when I got in the car around 8 (Yoav picked her up), I had only to meow at my daughter a few times before she dropped off into such happy shloofland that when I got home, I took her out of the car, brought her upstairs, took off her shirt and jeans (!) and put her (clad in her onesie) in the crib, and she didn't even open an eye. Now that's service!

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Carlye said...

Like mother, like daughter, eh Miriam?! I loved being a labor coach back in the day, it's so rewarding! Sounds like a fun change of pace.