Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sukkos: Days 1, 2 & 3

Anyone hungry? Hordes of food in the fridge, if you are, including kashrus-scare meat (guest: "I saw a sign somewhere that the Star-K says anything with their hechsure on it in Israel is wrong." (turns out they mean restaurants, not our meat!)), dubious salmon, scandalous apple soup, and more!

The salmon... We bulk-ordered a bunch of fresh salmon before R"H, which was steaks not fillets to my chagrin, but whatever, we froze most of it. I made some for sukkos, we ate it first night. Fine. Right at bedtime, the girl throws up all of it that she ate (and much else), all over...
a) the floor
b) my new yuntiv suit. Thanks kid! I musta worn it for like 3 hours!

Anyway, she then felt fine, went to sleep, was perfectly okay. Several hours later, at 3 AM, I awoke all icky and nauseous. At 4:05 AM I walk out to the sukka to wake up my husband, because, ladies, why else do we get married if not to have someone to wake up in the middle of the night to tell them we just threw up?

Unlike two years ago when I woke up on sukkos in the middle of the night and had to wake up my husband to tell him I threw up (remember that, old friends? When I was pregnant? Such fun!) this did not result in any repeat occurrences or fainting or hospital stays. B"H! I did, however, feel very, very icky for the next 24 hours or so (let's hear it for seminary girls who took care of home and child) (as well as for SuperAbba, hurray!). So while Abba had no ill effects, I blame the salmon and won't be touching it.

(You might ask, what about the guests? Well, only one was "into" salmon. She ate it. Late today she started feeling nauseous, albeit about 2.5 days after eating the salmon. Conclusion? We have a bug going around. I'm still not touching the fish!)

To reiterate, the girl, thank God, is perfectly fine and healthy, bli ayin hara!

The only really creative thing I cooked (besides Lumps O'Challah, or "what you get when the dough doesn't rise") was Moosewood 'Scandinavian Apple Soup,' or as my guest misread it, scandalous apple soup. It's basically onions and apples and milk. My daughter liked it!

Anyway, we had three lovely girls for the past three days (we made 'second day' meals for them), and various others dropped in for various sundry meals and games out in the sukka. Today (shabbos) we were blissfully out for the night and day meals (thanks to the Eisensteins across the street and the Bergers ALL the way up the hill), and Yoav finally taught me how to play Risk this afternoon. We've been married for 8 years. Well, if you ever played with him, you'd know to be scared too!

He had to leave to learn before we could finish the game. Whew. Shalom bayis reigns.

Speaking of rain, when we snuck into the back room to check the internet on Friday (we were trying to keep it yuntivdik for the girls), we saw that thunderstorms were seriously predicted for Friday night. So erev shabbos we rainproofed the sukka, moving some of the real artwork under cover and putting plastic tablecloths over the textiles... and fortunately Hashem trumps even meteorology (sorry, Saba) and eretz yisroel stayed in favor enough that the rain was postponed. Hopefully it will descend upon us in lovely torrents... after sukkos.

So days 1-3 have included a ton of noshing (a big change for our South Beach selves) and lounging and, um, barfing. We hope to use the remaining chol hamoed days to get to the zoo, visit Savta Raba, do a little shopping in J-town, and maybe sneak off to see Shlock Rock in concert.

And now that you have read all of that, you deserve the reward of this small picture gallery (because I'm on Yoav's computer, I can't send you all the good ones I have because they need red-eye work and so on. My computer is having a little overheating issue at the moment that I hope to address after sukkos).

This one is actually from a few days ago in her pretty butterfly jumper. This was before we left the house in the morning. Our standard morning routine is waking up, getting dressed, washing, and immediately going over to our packed 'tik' to extricate the bawkle Mommy has prepped for us and put in the outside pocket. This then is her Highness with her hand in the metaphorical cookie jar.

I couldn't help it. With that gold ribbon (from the 'dressed up' popcorn the girls brought for noshing) around her neck in the tubby, she looked like one of those rock stars in a sauna with their gold chains still on, you know? Okay, well, I thought so.

Finally, a sukka picture. She was very cuddly the other day, and wanted to lay on the sukka couch with her two favorite things, bawkle and Mommy. I had my glasses off since cuddling can be booboo-ful when they stay on. And no, I don't recognize myself at all.


tzipporah r said...

wow sukkos sounds awesome! refuah shelema!

Faye said...

I grew up on food from the Moosewood Cookbook. Hard to be treife when there is no meat! Sounds like you had an interesting yom tov, I hope the second part involves less barfing.