Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bleeping Sooty

There she is, the incredible self-starting sleeper.

And this is from motzei shabbos last week (yes, that's a Yarmish) - the girl was already pajamaed and bawkled, apropos of falling asleep in the car. Thanks G for the photo hookup.

Putting aside our hysterical tantrum in the car on the way home (not to mention our pitiful cries as we lost our tiny stickers in the tubby, or the staunch refusal to have our poop cleaned up earlier), check out THIS conversation in the car.

Sarah Rochel has just, with slight assistance, removed her socks and shoes. As an aside, whenever we put on socks in the morning, we say, "Bye bye toes." So taking our socks off brings toes back into the realm of discussion.

Me: Srochs, you have toes?
SR: Yah.
Me: Can you count your toes?
SR: Yah.
Me: Okay. One...
SR: Two.
Me: Three....
SR: Foh.
Yoav and I trade bemused glances.
Me and Yoav together: Five....
SR: Sick.
Yoav and I trade increasingly amazed glances. Fortunately there was no oncoming traffic at the time.
Me & Y: Seven....
SR: Nine.
Me: Eight, right! Then after eight is...
SR: Nine!
Me & Y: Ten!!! Whoohoo!!

And we did it in reverse too, with her saying the odd numbers. So while nine still comes after seven, oh my gosh, my 19 month old can count to ten!!

So, can she really count, or just recite?

Well, later on we were reading our Sandra Boynton dog book. And we took our finger and counted all the way to six, tapping a different dog each time. Well, I held her hand, but SHE said the numbers.

Can she count really really? No, probably not.

Is she totally and utterly delicious and brilliant and precocious? Totally!

And yet, someone said to us today, "I hope she grows some eyebrows." The burden of womanhood - brains are well and good, but let us have appropriate facial hair, please!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hi and that I miss all of you!!! I hope everything is doing well with the Druyan gang over in the Holy Land. I cant believe Sarah Rochel is talking!!!! Send her my love (and say very slowly "Tzippy", see if she catches on :-). B'ezrat Hashem Rachel is getting married on Sunday!!! I wish you could be there! I will try to call you soon! Have a good week and an amazing shabbos!!!!
-Tzippy Kay
(oh and be careful about the facial hair thing- i had a dream one time that I grew a beard and I couldnt shave it because it was sefirah. It was very traumatizing)

Jennifer Bean said...

Yeah SR! Give her a big hug for me. I miss you guys. Shannon's home now, so y'all need to come for a visit again! - Love, the Beans