Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pictures and captions

Self-absorbed, often sappy, occasionally banal, mildly humorous commentary on Miriam's life is scheduled for a later blog.

"Look at me! I have food particles on my face! I have discarded remnants on my tray! And I have just poured my water into my lap! Hurrah hurrah!"

This was after we came home from a bar mitzvah this week. Okay, a little too close up, but notice that it was cool enough she needed a sweater! And today it RAINED for the first time - some rain and a multiple-hour, lovely lightning storm. I have missed rain - it's been what, six months?

(I apologize. That was a self-absorbed, banal commentary on my life. Won't happen again... this post.)

Close. Too close. Color is off too. But those CHEEKS!

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