Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She who puts herself to sleep

I must give a special shout-out to Nechy and co, who have been so great in having us over any old time our schedule isn't worked out totally. I've been crashing there about once a week lately (SR says "Mama Nechy" very well). Tonight since Yoav started teaching in a new yeshiva we hadn't worked the kinks out of who gets the car when yet, so off to Nechy we went. There..

a) the girl went to the high chair, demanded food, and scarfed a whole chunk of gefilte fish (which, incidentally, I had made since we ate shabbos lunch at Nechy's last week, but whatever

b) we looked at lots of pictures of "kallahs" (sometimes known as "kallach" but fortunately no longer "kachah"). A kallah is a bride, all you out there, and I am pleased to say I encouraged the current obsession.

c) Nechy says, as we're contemplating what to do for dinner, that we can leave the girl with her, and she'll happily babysit while we go off to eat. Yes, she's sure. Um, OKAY! So Yoav and I ran out and ate at a new greasy spoon, while Nechy and the Toch blasted Uncle Moishe. So everyone wins!!

Sorry ya'll, Blogger won't let me load a picture. Goodnight!

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