Saturday, October 13, 2007

Someone get the number of that week that hit me

Was it really sukkos vacation just a week ago? I don't believe you. I can't point to one thing that made this past week so nuts... oh, wait, I can. It's called my job. Highlights..

1) the customer who compared poor reception in his son's area (not our fault) to the current lead paint toy issues. Um, right.

2) the customer who yelled at one of my bosses for about thirty minutes, including unmentionable language. My whole staff really appreciated that he should learn what we go through.

3) the customer who left a message about how unprofessional we are, we never call him back, this is no way to run a business, if he doesn't hear from us soon he's calling down the wrath of God upon us, etc, etc - who left no name, no email, no number.

4) realizing it's noon, and I have not eaten, drank or gone to the bathroom since arriving at work, but I have dealt with 100 emails.

Anyway, so we survived. We had girls for shabbos, one of whom wanted to come to us for a 'special' birthday shabbos (or as my daughter CONTINUES to say a few times a day, "Abba birthday."). So we bought some of the 'regular' food so I could a) rest and b) make an elaborate cake. Oh, I was so good. I followed my compulsive baking book's yellow cake recipe to the letter, beating and alternating flour and (soy) milk, and oh I was golden. I made merangue frosting from scratch, boiling sugar syrups and beating egg whites... And while my layer cake LOOKED amazing, it tasted no better than the one I can make in five minutes without a mixer, and the frosting was, alas, a misjudgement on my part.

But it looked good.

And I got the call tonight that my beloved computer is, alas, dead. Well, it's motherboard is. So we have to decide if it's worth trying to replace the part, or start over (or make do sharing with Yoav, but we both need to work in the evenings simultaneously, often). Thank God, the techie thinks he can get my memory off of it though, which is great since that's where all 4000 (!) or so pictures of my daughter are (yes, I have backups on disk as well), and where lots of videos that I never posted online are, and THOSE I don't have backups of.

Speaking of videos... I actually took no photographs this week, but I did take the below video. This week my daughter continued her work in perfecting The Tantrum, but she's also perfected randomly attacking you with arms outstretched screaming, "huggies!" So we forgive her anything.

(Here's the same video twice, once using Blogger's built-in video tool, one using Google (although Blogger's is really Google's too). Let's see which works better...)


Faye said...

she says the names so nicely! So now, Dr. Abba is Dr. Abba Zeidy Rosenblatt. Wow that is a lot of names. The girl is, as ever, adorable. Hope things ease up at work.

Sabba Lenny said...

I can't wait to see if Sarah Rochel matches the photo versions with the actual individuals, when given the opportunity. You guys are doing a good job in trying to keep her current with an absent family.

Us galut Jews are always complaining that there is too much work to catch up with after the holidays- since our jobs continue without us while we are holiday making. Alas, I idealized Israel as the one society where there could be no penalty for Jewish holiday observance. I hope Talkn'Save is unique to Israel in suffering the post-holiday logjam. I'm sure Yoav didn't encounter this headache.

Anonymous said...

Can you say to cute for words...Oh I guess I just did. Love Mom Lavitt