Monday, October 01, 2007

Sukkos: Day 5

Just like REAL live responsible Parents Who Vacation Wisely, we went to the zoo today! Sure, we didn't take the train there, as we planned, since when we checked the schedule there was only one train left, and we'd have to leave the house in thirty minutes. Um, no. So we drove, which was nice because we were able to leave whenever we wanted.

We were there for about three and a half hours.

Sarah Rochel would gladly volunteer that she saw mingos (flamingos), wans (swans), elevants (even a baby elevant!), kangus, lions (no baby lion), monkeys, mingos, turtles, turkey, sheep, goat, baby goat, pity (that was the prarie dogs), mingos, neigh (miniature horses), bunnies (as in, "no no bunny" when offered to pat the bunny), fish and of course, mingos.

She's been talking about the mingos ever since, actually. She was really very good while we were there, stayed in her stroller a lot but not so much that she didn't get very hot and tired running around, which is why the following wasn't as perky as it might have been...

We never did get to a 'take two' since we left soon after.

In the petting zoo, she wasn't interested in touching absolutely anyone, which hey, was fine by us. But it was fun to show her animals we read about all the time. She's also very recently perfected her starting-consonant S and Sh sounds (which means Saba is now Saba (and sometimes Shaba), not Abba). So it was great fun to hear her say "sheep, sheep" perfectly enunciated. This of course was followed by "no sheep."

This evening we left her with a babysitter and we ran off to the Beit Shemesh concert. We heard Rockia (just the last song - we're big fans of the tape they released back in 93 or something, and this is the first we're hearing of them since), Gershon Veroba (who was pretty cool, but would have been MUCH cooler had his missing guitarist been there - he told Yoav afterwards that he didn't get to do the songs he wanted to play, so it was kinda shvach), and Lenny Solomon. Then we left, because that's all we wanted to see, and as the hour gets later it becomes less of a family fun festival and more of a teenaged coed hangout. So away we went!

The girl went to bed fairly easily, except of course about 5 minutes later she started crying, LOUDLY. I gave her a minute or two, and went in, and... she threw up again! (Aside: as you no doubt guessed, she LOOKED at the Evil Salmon earlier, since I took it out of the fridge to throw it away. I guess that was enough!) Yoav was not home but was, thank God, in range. He came home and amused the child while I changed all her bedding and mopped up the floor. She went to sleep again just fine. A few minutes ago she woke up crying again, but B"H went back to sleep as soon as I picked her up.

I was a little worried that she was sunburnt, except she was wearing sunscreen, we shielded her as much as possible, her skin isn't red nor especially warm and she was fine and perky. So, she may just have overfilled her belly, probably drinking. She was drinking a ton just before bed. And so parenting adventures go on!

This is the prairie dog exhibit. They were really there in the shot with her a minute ago.

The elephant, oh, pardon me, elevant show, watched more easily from Abba's shoulder, of course. Well, when Mommy was out of sight anyway.

Learning toilet training techniques from the miniature horses. It was... pungent. I may never complain about her dirty diapers again.

Mommy, please teach me to breathe through my mouth!! Ew!

Goat! Goat!

No goat! No goat!

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