Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sukkos: Day 7 and What Came After

Day seven of Sukkos is Hoshana Raba, and my daughter enjoyed very greatly the experience of beating her very own hoshanas.

Day seven was also "let's cook all over again!" day for crop #2 of "keeping two days" seminary girls... And I don't know if I've gotten better or the girl and Yoav were amazing, but I actually made almost all the food for the five meals we were home with the girlies before candlelighting, so I'm proud of myself. I invented a new chicken recipe (white meat chicken with much oil doesn't dry out! Imagine!) perfect for the carefree "we have no CLUE when we're eating!" Simchas Torah scheduling, and S"T morning I made chicken in the crock pot, and everything else worked pretty well. Oh, and the two Brooklyn Bake Shop cakes we bought helped too!

The girl danced very nicely with her father in shul on S"T ("Torah! Torah" and when she was being contrary, like tonight in the bath, "No Torah!"). Morning of, though, she missed dancing at shul since she slept until ten o'clock AM. I love that little girl! But we made it to shul in time to eat many other childrens' smooshed bamba and pretzels off the ground and to watch Abba act as a gabbai giving lots of aliyas, and to be there for Kol Hanearim of course. One of my coworkers in London says that there, only the little boy babies (and kids) go up for Kol Hanearim. While rabid feminist I'm not, darn it, I always did it, and I loved it - and SR did too! Our shul has the other girls up there as well, of course.

Friday (not yuntiv for us) we had such succulent dishes as macaroni and cheese and meatloaf, although, not at the same meal. The meatloaf meal saw an extra 5 (!) seminary girls join us, so we were quite the party house.

Then Shabbos was just fine, let's hear it for leftovers!, and motzei shabbos we decimated our guests in Cranium. Sorry ladies.

And now you're just about caught up, and I will resume updating this blog once a week or a trifle more often. I've enjoyed having time to do this, and I look forward to having the time again! But, as they say, who are we kidding?

Since my computer is in the shop (please daven for Gateway ben Houston), I went ahead and put the pictures from erev yuntiv on Yoav's machine. You'll have to live with our redeye.

Prune letting me get some cooking done, still in her jammies.

Prune letting me get still more cooking done, although she was already dressed for shabbos AND insisted on wearing an apron, as in "MINE! MINE!" If you belt it around enough times (belt it! cinch it!) you can manage not to guarantee she'll trip and fall on her face 90% of the time. The picture isn't in focus but it's too cute.

Erev yuntiv. Isn't she Kennedyesque?

Erev yuntiv with Abba. Isn't she coy?

Erev yuntiv with Mommy. In case you didn't guess, this was another outfit one of her grandmothers was 'attacked' by in the store.

It's evil, but I had to take a picture of her asleep, two nights ago (or was it last night?). She was pooped out, but verbally did NOT want to go to sleep. Nor was she shy: "No keppie!* No sleep!" So when she did conk out in her crib, in this sprawled position of "I may be in here, but the tochter doth protest," I had to shoot it.

lay keppie is to rest your head on the parent's shoulder, specifically the parent trying to get you to go to sleep. Keppie is 'head' in yiddish.

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