Monday, November 26, 2007

A rainbow of fruit flavors...

Last week on Thursday while I was at work we had a little earthquake - nothing too major, but I noticed it. And then Friday night I was awakened by a much larger one. I LOVE earthquakes. They are so cool, the reason being they make God very big. Like only God can pick up EVERYTHING and shake it all at once, you know? Love them. Fortunately the girl didn't wake up, and we're not talking about such extreme quakes as to do damage or anything. I just think they're cool.

Rats. Now my parents aren't going to come to visit me.

In general our weather last week was a lot of fun - tons of rain and lightning and thunder, which is much more rare here than in, say, Houston, where you get to make the brachos on thunder and lightning practically every day of summer (and summer in Houston, you recall, is about 3.5 seasons long). On Friday we had a great rainbow outside our window, the full parabola. I took three pictures to get it all - here is one of them:

Yes, Sarah Rochel can say 'rainbow' very well, even volunteered it when I put on her babylegs this morning.

She has been sleeping somewhat poorly since shabbos, waking up sometimes in the night and having a dickens of a time falling asleep (compared to the last month or two of easy bedtimes). Last night I was at a rehersal, and poor baby kept asking for 'Mommy singing' (YES - all the cookies I bribe her with paid off!). In the end Yoav stuck her in the car and drove around until she fell asleep, something we never resorted to even when she was a newborn! And tonight I had to sing to her until she was snoring away, which was during the thirteenth round of 'Winken, Blinken and Nod' I believe. I really need to get her a cd player just for her room, but I've been too cheap to do it.

Or, I can sing to her for the rest of her life, which, um, yeah, that's fine with me!

SR has recently developed another characteristic of her mother, one Uncle Micah no doubt remembers well, because inevitably it was he, summer afternoons at the JCC pool, who would go up to my mother and say, "Mommy, Miriam has to come out of the poor because her lips are blue!" (Do we still hold a grudge? Indeed we do, right through our chattering teeth.) While it's normal as dirt, especially for we pale faced lassies, and her bath water really is warm enough and everything, it's a sign that it's definitely winter!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Meme and Sheshe (an utterly pointless blog)

I was tagged with a 'meme' - what's that, you ask? As the name connotes, it's an opportunity to talk about yourself. But since this blog ain't about me (like fudge it's not, but shhh...), I'll do it in two batches, one for meme and one for sheshe.

The extra chaap is that you don't just answer the meme questions, but you post the first picture (proprietry permitting) that comes up on a Google image search for that word.

Am I bored at work, when I started working on this? Quite possibly.

1. Age on next birthday



2. A place I'd like to visit


3. One of your favorite places



4. Your favorite object



5. Your favorite food


she: (this week)

6. Your favorite animal



7. Your favorite color



8. Name of a past pet


she: (current, not past)

9. What you drive



10. Your middle name



11. A bad habit of yours



12. Your favorite holiday



(Thanks F)

Monday, November 19, 2007

What Sarah Rochel learned this week

Sarah Rochel learned a lot of things this week. Including, but by no means limited to...

1) those cars with yellow lights on top where you pay the driver to take you somewhere are called 'tacky cap's.

2) there's a "duck no touching" at the doctor's office (that is, when you're at the doctor's office with an eye infection, Mommy doesn't let you touch the big stuffed duck in the corner that every other infectious child has no doubt licked)

3) if your sleeve is too long (because your Mommy will insist on putting you in 24 month or 2T clothing that is too big but very cute), you can fix the problem yourself, as in the photo to the left

4) onions are fun to peel, but the peel doesn't go back on when you're done, no matter how you try

5) when you want a wipe for your nose, Mommy prefers that you ask for a new one, rather than fishing a used one from the diaper pail

6) your parents think it's hysterical if, after your Abba swerves on the highway to avoid someone who cut him off, from the back seat you call out "careful."

7) Uncle Boaz is really named "Uncle Boaz" and not "Uncle Bo-cah" (because his picture is next to Uncle Micah's)

8) the proper name for any precipitation is "rain no water." This means something...

9) when you get undressed for your bath and it's late November, you get to do a little dance on the tile in your bare feet because it's "cowud"

She's such a shmoonchers.

Have I mentioned that when I ask her if I can check her tushy for a dirty diaper, she turns around and slightly sticks out her bottom?

Have I mentioned that when she wants us to feed her, she says "Mommy / Abba feed you," and when she wants to do it, "Roch feed you" or "I feed you!"?

Have I mentioned that she can count to four in Hebrew?

Have I mentioned that she ATE today, despite the eye infection, up to and including asking for cottage cheese when we got home and then almost feeding herself the whole container??

Have I mentioned that tonight when I was making roasted vegetables, I asked her to bring me an onion - and once I opened the pantry for her, she did?

Have I mentioned that I love her so much I sometimes have to clutch her to me and don't want to ever let her go?

Bli ayin hara. Bli ayin hara. So, so happy!


Anyway, now go buy tickets to my play, alright? Remember, I'm playing the Wizard, so part of it's BOUND to be good! (Right, most of the play - that I'm not in!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On sleep

Tonight her Tushiness was sleepy enough (it seemed) that I skipped her regularly scheduled bath. (This was perhaps also prompted by the fact her tub is still coated in sediment and rust from our water heater semi-explosion two days ago - it's fixed now, but the tub still needs scrubbing!). So into pajamas, and reading books, and she's rubbing her eyes... I say shema, she starts making for the crib, I plop her in, sing sing sing, turn off light, sing sing rub back sing... And I leave her there, still awake.

And she calls me back.

Judging by the fact I went back in there some 5 times and she was wide awake throughout, perhaps she wasn't as tired as I thought.

But it was great fun to go in there and sing and watch her (she didn't want to be held or rocked). She's got three blankets in her crib now, and she likes to curl up on one, grab hold of the other as a cuddly item, and have the third spread over her. Oh, and in the other hand she's cuddling her water sippy cup. And then (since she hasn't fallen asleep yet), she sits up and moves to another corner, sticks her tushy in the air... And moves to another side, and gropes around for the blankie she's interested in... In short, she nests, and it's totally adorable.

She is, now, finally sleeping.

Sorry no pictures for you - I'm here on the third string computer, and I have no way of uploading anything. In computer news, I am awaiting my ZPS (Zayde Parcel Service) delivery of my new Dell Inspiron 1501. Usually I can use Yoav's machine, but since he had the gall to take it with him tonight for work, I must dust off our old Dell Inspiron 4000, which despite having a higher model number than my new one is much, much more elderly. As in, we never should have put Windows 98 on it - the most it could handle is Windows 95. As in, Pentium I. As in, 40 megabytes of RAM. But there, it's not nice to make fun of the older generation. And it still works!


We leave it here in the guest room most of the time, since it's the only machine hooked up to the printer (aside: despite being the hardware goddess at work, I don't even know how to use the printer at home. Why? Yoav bought it used, so my brain assigned the responsibility for it to Yoav and refuses the right of assembly to any information about it). It's also the hardwired internet machine, since needless to say, most Windows 95 machines couldn't really handle wifi.

Anyway, so here in the guest room I have three beautifully made beds. Not, you might think, because we have a head start on the next shabbos, but because our departing guests from last week left the room so neat.

So here is my question: Why are we so dilligent about changing the sheets for new guests? (And yes, we ARE. We have NEVER (read: only once, and it was a desparate situation) recyled used sheets.) I mean, it's not like our guests don't wear pajamas (if not, I don't want to hear about it. They aren't likely to have leaky diaper incidents like my daughter. Generally speaking, since we have guests on shabbos, whoever is sleeping here has bathed very recently.

You wouldn't wash a coat before you loaned it to someone else. Girls loan out shoes - shoes that get sweaty! - all the time. So why are sheets any different?

Discuss. Lemme know your thoughts.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gut voch!

Yoav thinks she looks like a Jedi in that white coat. I think she looks like a snowball. But she wore it almost the entire shabbos. It was cold enough for it much of the time, which is so much fun. Rained Friday night too!

Today I was helping my dear friends the Gordons make a kiddush for their new daughter, and Tochs ONLY wanted to be held. Constantly. So in the end I came back upstairs (the kiddush was down in our parking lot) and put her in the Baby Bjorn, which just barely closed around her. She's was perfectly happy in there. I was probably walking around with her for an hour or two. When I took her out and took it off, I felt so lightweight that I was fairly confident I coulda been airborne.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

To do list

1. Blog

First of all, Happy Birthday to the Zayde!

By the way, I haven't mentioned that my parents are coming chanuka time, and my in laws are coming sometime thereafter, so we're all set for mondo major grandparent time - hurray!!

In honor of their arrival next month, Sroch continues to master Great Achievments in Toddlerhood. Besides counting beautifully and filling in the blank of song lyrics and such, she has learned a new word:


Joy. Rapture.

As in, "gimme phone" whenever we use a phone in the car and she's in the backseat. Indeed, note the below as she models the latest fall fashions and runs off with my cellphone... again...

Speaking of fall fashions - when did she grow?? Check out the last time she wore this outfit - it fit a lot differently then! We actually just picked up her fixed shoes today (aside: kudos to the shoe store for fixing them for free when they started to tear, but it took them so long to send 'em to the factory and back I was afraid she would have grown out of them before we got them!), and they aren't going to fit her that much longer, you know?

This all goes back to the mystery of what exactly it is that she eats. She weighs more than 10 kilo, right back on her 25th percentile charts, her cheeks and chins are lovely and full, and her poulkas too (aside: when I squeeze her thighs, she says "no mushy!") - but she doesn't eat. The metapelet says the same thing - and says she poops a few times a day too. So where the heck is it coming from?

I thought so too, but while I could see her climbing silently out of the crib and sneaking off to the fridge, I can't see her washing the dishes after herself, you know?

2. Exercise

Gotta get around to that... I have a scary exercise DVD that I use, where the instructor is so fantastically high on her favorite lunges and stretches that she makes me want to run away, which in turn ups my heart rate so it's a good thing, if frightening.

3. Clean up

On motzei shabbos, since we had no 'leftover' guests hanging around, I decided to clean house, like pretend-you're-a-cleaning-lady-and-go-go-go clean house. I started at 8. At midnight I stopped. The worst of it was it was the kind of cleaning that when it isn't done, you notice it, but when it IS done, you don't. Like dusting, you know? Or cleaning behind the tris straps on my windows (who knew those get so dirty?). And so on. Anyway, since we have eaten and played since then, alas, I have what to do again. It's not even worth blogging about, but I feel better sharing it with all of you. Thank you.

4. Memorize the Wizard's lines for the upcoming Oz show. Like, now. Gulp. Tickets not on sale yet.

5. Make my daughter's lunch.

Since she doesn't eat, this is such an exercise in futility I wonder why I don't just keep sending the same dish over and over. Let it get moldy - she won't notice. Do you understand, this morning she got hysterical over something (who remembers what) and I gave her half a cookie. Like one side of a sandwich cookie. She only ate a third of it. This child is not normal!!

Well, she's mine. Duh!