Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gut voch!

Yoav thinks she looks like a Jedi in that white coat. I think she looks like a snowball. But she wore it almost the entire shabbos. It was cold enough for it much of the time, which is so much fun. Rained Friday night too!

Today I was helping my dear friends the Gordons make a kiddush for their new daughter, and Tochs ONLY wanted to be held. Constantly. So in the end I came back upstairs (the kiddush was down in our parking lot) and put her in the Baby Bjorn, which just barely closed around her. She's was perfectly happy in there. I was probably walking around with her for an hour or two. When I took her out and took it off, I felt so lightweight that I was fairly confident I coulda been airborne.

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Faye said...

Rain-Yay G-D! Toch looks adorable. What colors do you want for the hat?