Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On sleep

Tonight her Tushiness was sleepy enough (it seemed) that I skipped her regularly scheduled bath. (This was perhaps also prompted by the fact her tub is still coated in sediment and rust from our water heater semi-explosion two days ago - it's fixed now, but the tub still needs scrubbing!). So into pajamas, and reading books, and she's rubbing her eyes... I say shema, she starts making for the crib, I plop her in, sing sing sing, turn off light, sing sing rub back sing... And I leave her there, still awake.

And she calls me back.

Judging by the fact I went back in there some 5 times and she was wide awake throughout, perhaps she wasn't as tired as I thought.

But it was great fun to go in there and sing and watch her (she didn't want to be held or rocked). She's got three blankets in her crib now, and she likes to curl up on one, grab hold of the other as a cuddly item, and have the third spread over her. Oh, and in the other hand she's cuddling her water sippy cup. And then (since she hasn't fallen asleep yet), she sits up and moves to another corner, sticks her tushy in the air... And moves to another side, and gropes around for the blankie she's interested in... In short, she nests, and it's totally adorable.

She is, now, finally sleeping.

Sorry no pictures for you - I'm here on the third string computer, and I have no way of uploading anything. In computer news, I am awaiting my ZPS (Zayde Parcel Service) delivery of my new Dell Inspiron 1501. Usually I can use Yoav's machine, but since he had the gall to take it with him tonight for work, I must dust off our old Dell Inspiron 4000, which despite having a higher model number than my new one is much, much more elderly. As in, we never should have put Windows 98 on it - the most it could handle is Windows 95. As in, Pentium I. As in, 40 megabytes of RAM. But there, it's not nice to make fun of the older generation. And it still works!


We leave it here in the guest room most of the time, since it's the only machine hooked up to the printer (aside: despite being the hardware goddess at work, I don't even know how to use the printer at home. Why? Yoav bought it used, so my brain assigned the responsibility for it to Yoav and refuses the right of assembly to any information about it). It's also the hardwired internet machine, since needless to say, most Windows 95 machines couldn't really handle wifi.

Anyway, so here in the guest room I have three beautifully made beds. Not, you might think, because we have a head start on the next shabbos, but because our departing guests from last week left the room so neat.

So here is my question: Why are we so dilligent about changing the sheets for new guests? (And yes, we ARE. We have NEVER (read: only once, and it was a desparate situation) recyled used sheets.) I mean, it's not like our guests don't wear pajamas (if not, I don't want to hear about it. They aren't likely to have leaky diaper incidents like my daughter. Generally speaking, since we have guests on shabbos, whoever is sleeping here has bathed very recently.

You wouldn't wash a coat before you loaned it to someone else. Girls loan out shoes - shoes that get sweaty! - all the time. So why are sheets any different?

Discuss. Lemme know your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you, but if you went somewhere for Shabbos and they gave you a room with used sheets, come on you would also be kinda grossed out. Since it's you guys I'd be ok with it, unless they had Knits and didn't tell you about it!