Monday, November 26, 2007

A rainbow of fruit flavors...

Last week on Thursday while I was at work we had a little earthquake - nothing too major, but I noticed it. And then Friday night I was awakened by a much larger one. I LOVE earthquakes. They are so cool, the reason being they make God very big. Like only God can pick up EVERYTHING and shake it all at once, you know? Love them. Fortunately the girl didn't wake up, and we're not talking about such extreme quakes as to do damage or anything. I just think they're cool.

Rats. Now my parents aren't going to come to visit me.

In general our weather last week was a lot of fun - tons of rain and lightning and thunder, which is much more rare here than in, say, Houston, where you get to make the brachos on thunder and lightning practically every day of summer (and summer in Houston, you recall, is about 3.5 seasons long). On Friday we had a great rainbow outside our window, the full parabola. I took three pictures to get it all - here is one of them:

Yes, Sarah Rochel can say 'rainbow' very well, even volunteered it when I put on her babylegs this morning.

She has been sleeping somewhat poorly since shabbos, waking up sometimes in the night and having a dickens of a time falling asleep (compared to the last month or two of easy bedtimes). Last night I was at a rehersal, and poor baby kept asking for 'Mommy singing' (YES - all the cookies I bribe her with paid off!). In the end Yoav stuck her in the car and drove around until she fell asleep, something we never resorted to even when she was a newborn! And tonight I had to sing to her until she was snoring away, which was during the thirteenth round of 'Winken, Blinken and Nod' I believe. I really need to get her a cd player just for her room, but I've been too cheap to do it.

Or, I can sing to her for the rest of her life, which, um, yeah, that's fine with me!

SR has recently developed another characteristic of her mother, one Uncle Micah no doubt remembers well, because inevitably it was he, summer afternoons at the JCC pool, who would go up to my mother and say, "Mommy, Miriam has to come out of the poor because her lips are blue!" (Do we still hold a grudge? Indeed we do, right through our chattering teeth.) While it's normal as dirt, especially for we pale faced lassies, and her bath water really is warm enough and everything, it's a sign that it's definitely winter!


Yitz/Yaffa said...

1. I think I used to have leg warmers just like those.
2. Since you're frum and stuff, can you please clarify this issue for me: what are you *not* supposed to do when you see a rainbow, according to Jewish law?


nechama gorfinkel said...

i also felt the earthquake friday night and i was in ramat bet shemesh for shabbos but so far only rbs people have said they felt it. nobody else knows what im talking about. so i think the faultline is right under lachish (chas v'shalom)

tzipporah rabinowicz said...

okay so whats the deal with rainbows arent they supposed to be scary???and i remeber when there was a earthquake when i was in the bais. mr brody said girls were doing aerobics in the golan!

Faye said...

Your parents are not coming to visit? Por qouis? Does this mean no hat? I have my priorities straight, really I do!

Debbie said...

HEY! WE were in the golan!! We were certainly not doing aerobics we were in R Sharfs class and he was like hm, I wonder what that was. Anyway what was I saying.... were like RABBI SHARFMAN THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!!!! So then of course he called down to Mr. Brody, who knows everything. how does he do that?