Tuesday, November 06, 2007

To do list

1. Blog

First of all, Happy Birthday to the Zayde!

By the way, I haven't mentioned that my parents are coming chanuka time, and my in laws are coming sometime thereafter, so we're all set for mondo major grandparent time - hurray!!

In honor of their arrival next month, Sroch continues to master Great Achievments in Toddlerhood. Besides counting beautifully and filling in the blank of song lyrics and such, she has learned a new word:


Joy. Rapture.

As in, "gimme phone" whenever we use a phone in the car and she's in the backseat. Indeed, note the below as she models the latest fall fashions and runs off with my cellphone... again...

Speaking of fall fashions - when did she grow?? Check out the last time she wore this outfit - it fit a lot differently then! We actually just picked up her fixed shoes today (aside: kudos to the shoe store for fixing them for free when they started to tear, but it took them so long to send 'em to the factory and back I was afraid she would have grown out of them before we got them!), and they aren't going to fit her that much longer, you know?

This all goes back to the mystery of what exactly it is that she eats. She weighs more than 10 kilo, right back on her 25th percentile charts, her cheeks and chins are lovely and full, and her poulkas too (aside: when I squeeze her thighs, she says "no mushy!") - but she doesn't eat. The metapelet says the same thing - and says she poops a few times a day too. So where the heck is it coming from?

I thought so too, but while I could see her climbing silently out of the crib and sneaking off to the fridge, I can't see her washing the dishes after herself, you know?

2. Exercise

Gotta get around to that... I have a scary exercise DVD that I use, where the instructor is so fantastically high on her favorite lunges and stretches that she makes me want to run away, which in turn ups my heart rate so it's a good thing, if frightening.

3. Clean up

On motzei shabbos, since we had no 'leftover' guests hanging around, I decided to clean house, like pretend-you're-a-cleaning-lady-and-go-go-go clean house. I started at 8. At midnight I stopped. The worst of it was it was the kind of cleaning that when it isn't done, you notice it, but when it IS done, you don't. Like dusting, you know? Or cleaning behind the tris straps on my windows (who knew those get so dirty?). And so on. Anyway, since we have eaten and played since then, alas, I have what to do again. It's not even worth blogging about, but I feel better sharing it with all of you. Thank you.

4. Memorize the Wizard's lines for the upcoming Oz show. Like, now. Gulp. Tickets not on sale yet.

5. Make my daughter's lunch.

Since she doesn't eat, this is such an exercise in futility I wonder why I don't just keep sending the same dish over and over. Let it get moldy - she won't notice. Do you understand, this morning she got hysterical over something (who remembers what) and I gave her half a cookie. Like one side of a sandwich cookie. She only ate a third of it. This child is not normal!!

Well, she's mine. Duh!

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brenda said...

Do I detect an Israeli lilt to her English language counting?
My goodness how she has grown!