Monday, November 19, 2007

What Sarah Rochel learned this week

Sarah Rochel learned a lot of things this week. Including, but by no means limited to...

1) those cars with yellow lights on top where you pay the driver to take you somewhere are called 'tacky cap's.

2) there's a "duck no touching" at the doctor's office (that is, when you're at the doctor's office with an eye infection, Mommy doesn't let you touch the big stuffed duck in the corner that every other infectious child has no doubt licked)

3) if your sleeve is too long (because your Mommy will insist on putting you in 24 month or 2T clothing that is too big but very cute), you can fix the problem yourself, as in the photo to the left

4) onions are fun to peel, but the peel doesn't go back on when you're done, no matter how you try

5) when you want a wipe for your nose, Mommy prefers that you ask for a new one, rather than fishing a used one from the diaper pail

6) your parents think it's hysterical if, after your Abba swerves on the highway to avoid someone who cut him off, from the back seat you call out "careful."

7) Uncle Boaz is really named "Uncle Boaz" and not "Uncle Bo-cah" (because his picture is next to Uncle Micah's)

8) the proper name for any precipitation is "rain no water." This means something...

9) when you get undressed for your bath and it's late November, you get to do a little dance on the tile in your bare feet because it's "cowud"

She's such a shmoonchers.

Have I mentioned that when I ask her if I can check her tushy for a dirty diaper, she turns around and slightly sticks out her bottom?

Have I mentioned that when she wants us to feed her, she says "Mommy / Abba feed you," and when she wants to do it, "Roch feed you" or "I feed you!"?

Have I mentioned that she can count to four in Hebrew?

Have I mentioned that she ATE today, despite the eye infection, up to and including asking for cottage cheese when we got home and then almost feeding herself the whole container??

Have I mentioned that tonight when I was making roasted vegetables, I asked her to bring me an onion - and once I opened the pantry for her, she did?

Have I mentioned that I love her so much I sometimes have to clutch her to me and don't want to ever let her go?

Bli ayin hara. Bli ayin hara. So, so happy!


Anyway, now go buy tickets to my play, alright? Remember, I'm playing the Wizard, so part of it's BOUND to be good! (Right, most of the play - that I'm not in!)


Faye said...

I wanna go to the play, however I fear that the ticket to get to the play would be prohibitive, even if the play ticket itself is reasonable!

Debbie Firestone said...

is this play anywhere near as good as The Label of Sharf??
I wish I could come!!!

rebekita31 said...

I feel like Im always in Israel when the play goes on....or atleast I have been in Israel January time for the past few years....I wish I could come!!!!!
miss you!!!
ps we are having a lechayim this motzei shabbos in my parents house...u coming?

nechama gorfinkel said...

thats disgusting (see #5)

Miriam the Mommy said...

well, duh.

Faye said...

I made the cutest ever pink and cream hat with earflaps and braided ties that go under the chin. Now how do I get it to you!