Thursday, December 27, 2007

Almost great and powerful

Rehersal, rehersal, rehersal... quick, rewrite that scene... "Miriam, I need you to be sick next Thursday morning." (I - alas - feel fine and will miss that rehersal.) Reherse, reherse, go to the pianist's house to sing, sing in the car, sing in the shower (who has time to shower?), sing until Sarah Rochel says, "No Mommy singing," recite recite recite, play with the leprechaun hat they've decided the Wizard wears, reherse, reherse.

This picture is from erev shabbos last week (I don't believe it's Thursday tomorrow, I mean, today). Note our pretty new velvet dress and the "kertief" that Savta put on us. We love wearing a kertief just like Savta!

I just got a new Ikea catalogue, so I'm busy spending money I don't have. I think I'm up to like 22,000 NIS and I'm just thinking about my daughter's room.

I got a second-degree burn on my hand Sunday night, as I tripped over my own feet and attempted to fall down a set of stairs. In the wonderful God-given way we can think REALLY fast, as I'm starting to fall I grab the bannister and realize that my hand on the bannister hurts - a lot - but golly, falling down 10 steps would hurt more, so I'll just go with the hand pain... and I B"H stopped my fall. But the friction on the bannister gave me quite the 2 inch welt on my hand. Ow ow ow ow. But Yoav Magic Hatzola Man bandaged me with BurnShield for two days (which is basically just tea tree oil), and voila, two days later it's a painless scar. Ain't the human body amazing? And thank you God for not sending me down those steps, because a Wizard of Oz with a leg cast just kinds ruins the mood, ya know?

Off to bed. Goodnight!

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Faye said...

yeah as as veteran of the falling down the steps method.... DON'T!!!!!!!!!!1