Thursday, December 06, 2007

Remorse, remorse!

Well, THAT was a veritable drought of blogging! I do apologize for lapsing in my task of sending updates from the Land of Tochterbean, but it was busy busy and then I was struck with the Virus of Doom, which wiped me out for some days... And now my parents are here... yay!! Fun! Toys! Clothes!

The girl has been going through a massive verbal acquisition stage lately, stepped up even from her usual rapid progress. So while maybe she can't draw a circle yet (like a toddler of her acquaintance some few days older than her - harumph! Not that it's a competition!), she can happily tell you that she has ten toes, will read to herself from the phonebook for ten minutes at a time, she will fetch your shoes for you, and the way she says Zjejeh is becoming pronounced more like 'Zayde' all the time. She lights her own menorah (with help), and when she washes her hands she says "ata melech sher kidish" and then if you prompt "al netilas..." she says "dayim!"

She also started eating actually quantities of food again. Whew!

She has reached new heights in stalling bedtime as well, which developmentally is right on cue for her age. We try to make bedtime close to dinner time so she'll be full, you know? (A throwback to trying to get her to sleep longer through the night when she was still nursing.) So little clever child has started asking, once the light is off and crib placement is imminent, "Food?" in this winsome, pleading "no one ever fed me before" voice. So I've brought her slices of cheese, even let her have a milk bottle... but clearly she's not interested at all. So last night bedtime was right after dinner, and she asks, "Food?" and I say no, she just finished dinner, it's time to sleep. So she cries for a moment, and then in the exact same tone of voice asks, "Tissue?" Um, good try kiddo. Have a tissue, go to bed.

When I came in and checked on her hours later, the tissue was still clutched in her hand.

Tonight she skipped the food stall, and went straight for "Bubby!"

Words we hear a lot around here now:
Cota cheese, stuck, messy, Rochel feed you, MINE! (applies to any inanimate object), water cup, shabos necklise...

We have not mentioned "Abba birthday" for almost two weeks. I am stricken.

We got the hat that F made us! Yay! Feel free to buy your own or a reasonable facsimile thereof at this store! Buy lots! She does custom color orders! She also makes a mean orange chicken, but her cooking is not available through this website at this time. Sarah Rochel loves the hat already (she calls it - ready for it? - "Hat."), and it keeps her adorable little head very warm... except of course, it was HOT yesterday when we were all at MiniIsrael, so much so that her little cheeks were all red and she was prancing around in short sleeves. But the hat will come in handy other times.

As you can see, my parents brought (amongst many other sundry goodies) my vintage 1984 Cabbage Patch premie. I recollected what I had officially changed her name to, back in 1985... Sarah Rivka. Yup. That's funny. Life imitating life, as it were.

More to come in days to come, I hope. Happy Chanuka ya'll!


Jennifer Bean said...

I have a friend who sells stuff on She makes beautiful jewelry that's more like works of art than jewelry. I got a bracelet for Grandma from her last year. If you ever wanna look her up her "store" is Nora Lynne Designs. I love the Cabbage Patch story! The tochter is too cute.

Faye said...
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Faye said...

Wow you make me sound all professional and everything. I am definitely sending this link to my friend with a "look at the adorable kid in the hat" tag. Thanks Mir!
p.s. Tell Mommy and Dr. Abba I said hi