Thursday, January 17, 2008

After Oz

We survived, all of us. Last night concluded the 8th show (5 in the last three days!) and we're exhausted but happy. Well, okay, last night the girl was exhausted and NOT happy - she seemed to have noticed that she had only seen me first thing in the morning for three days - but today we had lots of time together and she seems to have forgiven me, although she did insist on falling asleep in my arms (aw).

The show was really fantastic, and all you (women) out there should really go out and buy a copy, bearing in mind that I have it on excellent authority that I was MUCH better in every single performance but the one they filmed. I certainly did have a wonderful time doing it.

Anyway, here's one picture from the show, and one particularly delicious video of the girl. Now I'm going to sleep the sleep of the wiz.

(watch carefully, and note how she still likes the camera just because she gets to see the baby on the little screen after we take pictures)


Faye said...

how does one go about buying a copy of the show? Jut curious.

Anonymous said...

Your shows are amazing!! Ure gr8 too! When will the DVD be sold in NY? Who is part of the cast this year...Rudy, Dinner, Bar Cohn, Strauss.....?

tzipporah rabinowicz said...

can i say you looked very good (haha)i cant wait to see it and to everyone else they sell it at jewish bookstores try

nechama gorfinkel said...

it WAS excellent and miriam was great and she can say more words per minute than anyone you know! i also bought the dvd and i suggest you all sign off the blog right away and run out to buy it! the costumes this year were unbelievable, dorothy IS judy garland in every sense of the word, and basically all the characters did their parts ridiculously accurately. shkoyach and mazel tov!