Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fashion show

It got COLD lately, and the girl has so many clothes (thank you grandmothers!) that frankly I can't keep up with them all. So we've been going through a lot of new stuff lately. Note our cute mittens (left over from last year) and our trendy drop waisted plaid jumper (even though the drop waist falls well below our diaper... well, it'll fit next winter too! Especially at the rate she eats!).

We also randomly had a bit of a fever on shabbos, which didn't affect us in any way except that once her Motrin kicked in, she ate a ton, and she woke up just after 6 AM despite going to bed at ten the night before. So sort of a mixed blessing. I'm exhausted. I think the fever was just teething - she hasn't had any since 7 this morning.

When food is too hot, she'll spit it out and say, "too hot!" When food is too crunchy, or sharp, or not edible in her book, she'll spit it out and say, "too hot!."

I'm so tired it hurts.

Because it's winter and we all, alas, work, the girl doesn't get much outdoor time during sunlight, which is to say, she doesn't get much outdoor time at all. So when we pulled out the big stroller to empty groceries out of the car on Thursday night, she was so "my stroller! my stroller!" and wouldn't rest until she got in it, that darn it, at 8 PM we went to the park. Sure it was freezing AND there was only a teeeeny bit of drizzle and the park was deserted (well, obviously) but I think it made her truly happy. So it's sort of a BMA/GMA thing.

Tonight we were playing Pictionary with the shabbos guests, and she spent some time on our laps coloring, and ate some in her high chair, and then spent about thirty minutes sitting on the floor reading her books (aside: she was reading one aloud but alas, finished it before I got out the camera to video). And then she didn't cry, didn't kvetch, but just up and said, "bye bye" and "coat." And we got her coat on and she just stood by the door, "bye bye." My daughter, not yet two, was trying to run away because no one was playing with her! (I did then take her on a short outing in the stairwell - it was COLD! - and then in classic BMA fashion I brought her back inside and bribed her with an 'artic' (popsicle) to let us finish the game).

Must make her lunch and sleep now...


Debbie Firestone said...

Incidentally, how DOES on take temperature on shabbos?

Faye said...

That is one good lookin kid! I am gratified to see that the hat will match the coat, I was kinda worried about that. I love that she tried to run away by telling you bye bye!

nechama gorf said...

miriam, your play last night was unbelievebly, amazingly, awesome, i can not get over how much talent went into that show, especially the wizard of course. and what an appropriate way to end off the night, considering the theme of the play, to hear of the feiners simcha, b"H. and thank you, my girls were asking me who shmulik is the whole way home!