Sunday, January 06, 2008

insert witty title alluding to penance for long blog drought

After all, this is a blog about my daughter, in essence. And since last week, I essentially didn't see my daughter, it left me low on the blog fodder, you know? But I will try to assemble a veritable flange, meringue and bosquatch of bloggable tidbits for you.

No, none of those words made sense, but I enjoyed typing them. That's right, we're still a little tired from the shows.

In terms of the shows themselves, me-wise. They were great. It's a gorgeous show, all technicolor (as it were) and full of florescent green costumes and talking trees and of course, me. Well, it's hardly full of me - despite the show being named after my character, I have a relatively small part - but it's a lot of fun. I was actually really pleased with my performance, both my singing and my lines... until the third show, when my voice walked out of the theater somewhere around intermission. The resulting gravelishness of my voice didn't harm my image as a gruff old wannabe wizard, but it did cause me to lose some notes in my song, and thus to be rattled enough to give a less than perfect subsequent performance. I was still wonderful, I am assured, but my closest friends there said, "we felt so sorry for you." Ouch. Don't worry, that lovely night was the one they filmed for the DVD they sell, so all you (women) out there will get to reply my phlegmy singing again and again. Tempting, I know.

We have five (!) shows not this week but next - three night shows and two matinees, all in three days. You know the saying, "don't quit your day job?" I almost have to! But I won't, and they won't fire me (I think) and we will survive. I wish I could do stuff like this all the time! Except, of course for...

Tochterbean. Thank God for Saba and Savta, who so wonderfully saved these and so many other days. They've taken her all over and she was totally happy with them (and only missed me a leeetle bit) and only one night when I came home at midnight was Yoav in her room with her. That was fairly exceptional - she was willing to go in the cribby, just wanted Yoav to sit next to her in the chair. He fell asleep - she fell asleep - and he only woke up when I pounded on the door and called his phone and the house phone about thirty times, since my brain was left behind at the theater, along with my wallet and keys.

She seems to have forgiven me for being in the play. I left the sign up with the dates of the next shows where she can see it, but I'm not sure she noticed...

Sarah Rochel innovations of the last week or two:

1) If you start the ABC's, she will often fill in the next letter with a reasonable degree of phonetic accuracy. For example, ABCDE is followed by "S" and WXY is followed by "V". She can recognize both the letter A and the letter alef - when she wants to.

2) We've officially colored on a non-paper surface, namely the shower curtain liner. Well, that's probably as benign as I can expect. And of course, she's probably colored on the metapelet's walls - I wouldn't know.

3) Back to phonetics, her sibilants aren't always consistent. So she's in the backseat telling me about how her diaper is dirty and we're going to change her diaper and use cream and so on, and then she says "sit." And says it several times, louder and louder. Except, gentle reader, she often says an 'sh' instead of an 's.' And I'm thinking, I know I haven't been monitoring her so closely for a few days, but who would have taught her such a thing?? And it's very strange hearing this angelic little wonderful voice cursing up a storm - until she says 'couch' and I say, YES SR, we're going to SIT on the COUCH when we get home. Whew.

4) Today driving home, she wanted to see a bus, as in "more bus," quickly followed by "two buses." Fortunately in this land of mass transit and tourists, there were lots of buses to be seen. But when a minibus passed by, I pointed it out to her and told her a minibus was a little bus. And she volunteered, "baby bus." Is that impressive extrapolation or what?? She has the cutest brain synapses!

5) bli ayin hara

6) her sense of humor is being fleshed out. She's more and more cognisant of silly things, besides often labeling something as funny. And when she runs into the bathroom and shuts the door behind her (as she's done for months), she now wraps herself in the shower curtain and stands still. This is reminiscent of her hiding this evening, avoiding her bath, laying under the table and dreaming. (Well, under the table and mocking sleep and or munching on the small piece of Cranium Clay that escaped there, darn it. She didn't swallow!)

7) She has almost no patience left for the high chair. Most of the time it's "no high chair, chair, chair!" that is, she wants to sit (kneel / stand) in a real chair. She'll climb up on her own, and yes, she'll fall plenty, but she don't care.

8) big phrase of the moment: "don't like it." As in today's car wash, which she had been looking forward to immensely until we were in the tunnel - "don't like it, don't like it!" even though I was holding her hand from the front seat. Or the sun every morning in the car as it dares to shine on her - "no sun! no sun! don't like it!". Or the nina (read: clementine) she ate today... (munch munch, eject piece from mouth), "don't like it (replace piece, munch munch, remove), don't like it (replace piece, swallow, reach for new one) don't like it." Tochs, I do not think that means what you think it means. And yet, she does say "like it" when she's pleased with something. Hmmm...

9) she learned to take her shoes off herself, and does. Frequently. She also thoughtfully grew, yesterday I think, so now her shoes are getting too small and Savta gets to buy her new ones before she leaves the day after tomorrow. Whew! Close call!

10) Wiggles overkill, as she asks to watch certain You Tube videos by name (most common: Hot Potato (she does the 'hot potato' hand motion as well), and "Rock Bear" (Rock-a-bye Your Bear, for which she does several hand motions as well)). All this in addition to asking for 'Toot Toot.' I need to just buy the MUSIC cds and tell her no more videos, and that's it!

But but but... I'm so proud of her lingual skills in asking to watch them, I want to reward them!

11) If you glare at her right, she says "peas" (otherwise known as, "I asked for something and didn't get it, which means you're waiting for me to say "please"").

She's just delicious, she knows everything, hears everything, has a very cute bottom and belly, and I just love her to pieces.

Here she is playing dress up a little...

And here she is posing with the "orchim" from this week, whom she gravitates to like Bamba.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you-guys remember me...I came to your house 2 years ago for a Shabbos when I was in Darchei Binah (how do you think my sister Yael got the idea to call you for a shabbos?!Has something to do with my pestering her since the day she landed in Israel & the fact that I am still talking abt my amazing shabbos at your home!) Yael can't stop talking about what a wonderful time she had at your house this past week and how brilliant/adorable/beautiful Sarah Rochel is--B"H!!!! Thanks a million for having her (I have to admit that I am slightly jealous)and for giving her an outstanding experience!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to sign my name on the previous comment! I must add that I just love reading this blog and "watching" Sarah Rochel grow up! ~Ahuva Furst

Debbie Firestone said...

haha she looks just like one of the gals in the last pic.
PS check facebook for pics of my boobah. she rocks.

tzipporah rabinowicz said...

I am Mikaneh(jealous) there i admitted it...and when is the dvd coming out?