Monday, January 21, 2008

Pray. Now.

Tinok ben Aviva bas Chana.

I didn't blog about it before, because frankly, I didn't want to upset the pregnant readers among us (you know who you are). But I had to share this...

Long story short, a good friend who has been waiting for 12 (!) years just had her first child, which is a tremendous miracle in and of itself... and hours later the child becomes terribly ill, multiple organ failure, swelling of the brain, some strange metabolic disorder - they don't even know what's wrong.

He was born last Tuesday night, almost a week ago.

Tonight in Jerusalem, there was a big tfila gathering... So Aviva WAS there, speaking before 600 people a few days after birth.

She said that she was just so happy that Hashem made her part of this nation, that while she keeps saying "my baby" and "our baby," that this baby really belongs to all of klal yisroel. All of klal yisroel davened for him to be born for 12 years, and they are all davening now. And the kochos that this child has already brought within all of us in his short life so far are just amazing. She said I'm so happy to be part of klal yisroel because I know that Hashem is holding me, he's taking care of me, with all the billions of people in the world that I could have been, I'm so glad he made me a yid, that I'm part of this group of people.

She said that she sings to her baby all the time, and that she always wondered why Hashem gave her this beautiful voice, and now she knows - so she can sing to her baby. One of the frum nurses heard her singing 'Tov Lehodos LaHashem' to the baby, and asked - how can you? And Aviva just answered that all of this comes from Hashem.

She's mamish a stunning tower of strength, she was throughout her 12 years of waiting and she continues to be.

She said that she was sitting with the top doctor, this big professor, and he was saying this condition is so rare he's never heard of it, that there's mamish no medical precedent, never been a documented case of this.. and she answered, "Isn't that humbling?"

She's amazing. Her husband is amazing. Keep those tfilos coming. It's tu bishvat now - it's a time of planting, sowing seeds - and watering them with tears. Hazorim bedima, brina yiktzaru, plant with tears you will reap with joy, and that is the hope for this child.


nechama gorf said...

i had a one second chance to talk to her as i was taking the microphone off of her and i asked her what name to say and she said tinok ben aviva. Hashem knows either way, but i was happy to get a final answer on that. im, if possible, more in awe of her than before after tonight. she is incredible and there was a video hookup of the whole night so there will eventually be a link on the internet. may we hear besuros tovos...

Debbie Firestone said...

isnt technology great? I just watched a video of the gathering. The woman is incredible. I was bawling from the moment I saw her face till the moment she stepped off the podium. I so need to move to Israel, I am not kidding. For someone to go through somethign like this, after waiting one year, never mind 12 long years, and be the tower of emunah and bitachon she is, well, they just dont make em like that here. I am so inspired to be a better yid. I guess that was the point.

ok end rant.

Miriam the Mommy said...

the video is here:

Anonymous said...

I dont even know what blog this is but if you could update this on Aviva's baby that would be great. She was one of my closest friends in high school and college.

Jennifer Bean said...

Please don't ever be afraid to share a story like that. If someone needs prayer, I am more than willing to pray whether it's a scary story or a happy story. That is really cool that's she's so strong after that. (By the way, I'll need a Hebrew/Yiddish lesson after this one!)

Rochel Leah said...

wow.... look at this woman, amazing. i wish i had such emunah and faith in God! this was such an eye opener!
may Rav and Mrs. Feiner, only share simchos, and health, and nachas from there little baby.
my siddur is open to you at all time.

The most inspired teen said...

Dear Moshiach,
we are waiting for you, some more than others. We need you. We want you. I wish everyone would realize, that in the meantime, we have to open the gates of shamim, open your siddur's, and pray to the one in control, God. Everything is in his hands, although all the effort is in ours. May the Fieners only have nachas, simchos, and bracha for the rest of there live. Amen!

Debbie Firestone said...

I got the following email today:

The Feiners have asked us to work on making sure the video is not available for download from the internet. Aviva (with a psak from her Rav) is not comfortable with men being able to watch it. Please help if you can.

The original links were never intended for the general public, they were for the coordinators in the cities that were having public showings for woman only through the Torah Conferencing Network. Each location had to be specifically authorized by Aviva. I do not know who posted it to Sendit but it has been blocked for time being (by us). We are working with Morris Smith (Torah Conferencing Network and the owner of the copyright) to remove the video from any location it might be posted.

We recognize the great potential for kidush Hashem here, but do not wish to cause any more suffering for Aviva and Eytan.

Thanks for understanding and helping.

Anonymous said...

The video was aw inspiring I cried through the whole thing.

Please let the Feiner's people and whoever produced the video the following. I was so touched that I wanted to send the video to my sister and a few friends, so I went on line to try and find it again and when I clicked on some of the web sites that claimed to have had it I got a virus on my computer that took me hours to get rid of. It is terrible, but there are people out there that knew it was pulled and knew folks would come looking for it. May the baby have a refuah sheilama!