Friday, January 25, 2008

Tales from the Land of Tochter

update: there's apparently a blog now, not clear who it's being maintained by. But hopefully it will be updated regularly. I've heard very little about the baby's condition, mostly that since this is a completely new disorder they are trying different things to fix it - but no one knows what will do the trick. They are apparently asking everyone to daven tonight just after candlelighting for the baby, say tehillim, etc. Last week he showed a small improvement over shabbos, and they hope this week will be the same.

This whole nightmare with the sick baby reminded me of right after she was born in the hospital... The first night she was born I was VERY tired, and, well, frankly, catheterized and my mom was there and so whatever, I slept. The second night in the hospital, she hadn't really eaten much that day, I wanted to go nurse her for the three AM feeding (when you have to shlep to the nursery, they don't let you have the baby in your room in that hospital). So I was good and set my alarm and got up... and SR was just NOT interested in even waking up, much less eating. I tried, a nurse tried to help, nothing nothing nothing. I finally gave up and went back to my room. And I lay there, looking up at the ceiling with its curtain tracks and accoustical tiles and dim light and I was seized by the realization that if anything ever happened to my daughter, it would be the most crippling, tragic thing in the entire world. And I had this moment of pure tfila to Hashem, this surge of pleading to protect my baby, that she should just be healthy.

Baruch Hashem a million times over, so far, she is. May it just continue that way, and may Hashem send a speedy refua shleima to all the sick children in the world (and, is it me, or does it seem like there are an awful lot lately?).

Last night, our daughter really flexed the muscles of her Inner Two Year old, and we had a capital-T Tantrum. Like flailing and screaming, the works, refusing to take our clothes off, then after the briefest bath she's ever had, refusing to put our clothes or diaper back on (including the inevitable puddle, happily landing (mostly) on her towel), including the reckless attempt to climb out of the crib and the total loss of verbal accuity as we screamed and screamed... and eventually just stopped. Oh. No idea what set her off, unless it was accumulated fatigue (she hasn't been sleeping so well - until last night, she only slept through the night once this week, including the memorable Wednesday night wakefulness between 3:15 and 4:30 (of which I only was in her room for 3:15-3:36, and I must admit I slept through some of the quieter moments of the rest). The Hashem sent a malach in the guise of Mrs. L. who came over to return something and held my daughter for about 45 minutes. May Hashem bless her with children who sleep long and hard, amen. Finally, I put her to bed by physically restraining her while she cried, and singing, until she accepted the inevitable and promptly passed out, quite exhausted.

She slept for about 11 hours, which I think will do wonders for restoring her sunny disposition. It did wonders for mine!! Poor thing, her voice is rather hoarse today....

Here she is in her BabyLegs and sweater, missing the jeans we had just taken off. Most delicious. here is how she looked in them last winter:

SR and I made a cake together the other night. SR stirred beautifully, although she emphatically prefered stirring to baking, and batter to finished cake. :)

And here, one of the few publishable pictures (pity) from her brief happy time last night when we let her cavort nekked for a while in the living room. Note the "I'm about to make a puddle on the floor" happy face:

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