Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Update: I have no update on the sick baby now, which in its own way is probably a good thing, since had things God forbid deteriorated further, I no doubt would have heard. I encourage you to look at the comments on the previous post for a link to the mother's beautiful words that were videoed last night.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

Symptoms of toddlerhood:

Tonight the girl was shampooing her own hair (while I was busy researching the next topic in 'What to Expect the Toddler Years' ironically enough), and managed to get her soapy hands all over her face... No tear shampoo or not, she didn't like it at all, so just kept rubbing her eyes - with her sudsy little hands! In the end I had to hold down both of her hands with great force, while using my other hand to wash her face.

Lately (since the plays? Quite possibly) the girl goes MORE than balistic if I dare to do something exotic like go in another room and close the door behind me, if you know what I mean. Like screaming the kind of way that shreds your vocal cords. And when I open the door - turns off like a light switch. That and for the last 4 nights running she's been waking up calling for me approximately 7 hours after she goes to sleep. Coincidence? I think not. She'll settle back down when she realizes I'm still around (well, most of the time - I have a cast party tomorrow night!).

Her Highness will only consent to sit in her high chair about half the time - the rest of the time she MUST eat on a capital-C Chair at the capital-T Table. And most of the time we don't come to grief as a result of spilage thereof. Most of the time.

Her musicality is delightful, in that she remembers songs (and hand motions!) in Hebrew and English both, and she will sing to herself (adorable!) and request songs too (usually adorable, unless you've heard it / sung it 86 times that day). I happen to think she's especially cute when she asks me to "sing binken nod," which means she wants the Winken, Blinken and Nod lullabye. Sometimes she asks for me to sing it when she's in the tub. Very strange.

I finally registered her for gan next year, making the difficult choice to put her with kids within a small range of her age, versus a gan with kids her age and up to about 7 months older. The gannenet is HIGHLY recommended, and lives in the next building over, so it doesn't get much more convenient. It's also fairly ludicrous to be making this decision now, when it won't affect my daughter until September! But this is how the game is played!

Last shabbos the girl actually asked for the first time to sit on the potty. Humoring her, we went into the bathroom and were about to disrobe, when she changed her mind. Alright, no problem. Mind you, she's been walking into bathrooms and picking up her skirt for months now (and sometimes when she's hiding in the bathroom and we call her out, she comes out adjusting her clothing), but this was the first sign of interest (although we discuss (okay, I discuss) all the time that one day she'll be a big girl and use the potty). We will of course keep our loyal readers informed of these exciting developments (and yes, it's almost the conclusion of Year Two of this blog, and it's STILL all about poop!).

(As I write this blog, on another screen I'm looking at cloth training pants. Hmm, maybe a tad premature... Although I think I will invest in an all-in-one cloth diaper, because while we've been good for a while now, one tummy upset can give the girl a bad diaper rash for a couple days, and a cloth diaper for overnight would be a great help.)

Off to sleep, since I must be ready for my 4:30 AM date with my daughter.

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