Sunday, February 24, 2008


Sarah Rochel has been singing the ABCs constantly for a while now, getting more and more accurate every day, and now with a pretty solid "Now I know BCs, next won't sing meeee!!" following after it. And so in honor of her acheivments (Uncle Micah is also teaching her to count to twenty, resulting in some creative math, "...TEN, tuh, thirteen, fourteen, TWENIE!"), we would like to present this ABC blog (or as much of it as I get to before I need to go to sleep).

A hotel: We were at a hotel in Teveria this past shabbos, which is a nice haimish place (they serve ptcha!) for the Hatzola Beit Shemesh shabbaton. It was very nice, except for the major-league sketchiness of them tearing the place apart Saturday night. Really. The hotel is a little old and we were glad to hear they were starting renovations - but they started them the minute shabbos was over! I'm sure it will be lovely when it's over, but it was a little sketchy having to carry the girl out at 9 PM through a darkened, debris-strewn construction site.

B is for Bum Genius, which is my new favorite diaper. I did finally bite the bullet and buy my girl a couple of cloth diapers from this store, The Stork Warehouse, and I am happily not disappointed. They are comfortable to her ("special di-per!"), a cinch to dump in the washing machine and dryer (note: I must confess, I haven't had an, ahem, 'dirty' one yet), and while I anticipated I'd like the all-in-one better, the 'pocket' style of the Bum Genius one (wherein you slip a thick microfiber cloth in a pocket of outer waterproof polyester and inner stay-dry magic fabric stuff) keeps a dry layer next to her skin, although it did slightly leak when used overnight after a high-drinking evening. But then again, disposables do that too. If I had a wad of capital, I would probably invest in a whole lot more of them. And WHY do I have no capital? (Well, lots of reasons, but only one starts with...)

D, the abyssmal dollar rate. When the dollar rate was at 5.2, or heck, even 4.5, I really enjoyed getting paid in dollars. Now that it hovers around 3.5, yanno, it's a little financially cozy in here. (Good thing that due to shmitta, next year we can get a really cheap...)

Esrog, which for some reason my daughter is really into now. Today she was blowing the shofar AND holding the esrog simultaneously. Cute stuff. She also insisted on holding the lulav, which is what you see here. This was before bedtime the other day, which may or may not have been accompanied by a...

Freak attack, of which we've seen feveral lately, specifically at bedtime. Tonight was the "Abbadaba" freak out, wherein Mommy is good enough for pajamas and books etc, but once she starts saying shema, forget it, we ONLY want Abba, and woe to those who try to stop me. Fortunately he came home and put her to bed within about 5 minutes. Sigh. I'd be hurt except she plays this game both ways. Not always - in fact, in the hotel she went to sleep beautifully, laying next to me on the bed, and during nap time she didn't sleep, but she DID let us do so! - but this happens enough that we have a label for it.

Gefilte fish was one of the only things she ate over shabbos, which is fine, fairly nutritious, but we could go for some more variety.

H is how sorry I am that I'm going to be skipping letters here, but I went to sleep last night at 2 AM only to get up at 6:30 (well, to wake up then, but I didn't get up until at least 7, because I was busy kvetching about having to get up), and I am just running outa steam, you know?

Sarah Rochel is a GOOD Mommy to my, I mean, um, her Cabbage Patch Kid (still affectionately known as 'Baby'). On the drive up north she was showing the baby the birds and giving her the dregs of her bawkle and helping her to fall asleep by swaddling her face in a heavy cloth. It was rather tender. And more importantly, she SHARED nicely at the hotel when known and unknown children would 'borrow' the baby and or the baby's stroller. Since it did several rolls in the parking lot, I am tempted to chuck Baby into the washing machine...

"Peanut butter spoon" is an Official BMA Snack at casa Druyan, so if anyone else feels like one, come on down.

Stools: No, not poop, ya sicko, rather we assembled our new bar stools from Ikea, and we shoulda gotten three, since the Toch tends to appropriate one. She sits up "so high" really nicely, actually, and loves to eat watching herself in the mirror. She also likes to color, actually preferring to use a pen as opposed to crayon, and to scribble on printed material rather than blank paper. This means something!

Uncle Micah is starting to feel a bit unwell, summed up by Sroch's eloquent diagnosis, "Micah sick." He has been dosed heavily with vitamin C candy and hot dogs, and will hopefully feel better in the morning.

We got new vitamins for Her Highness, which are chocolate-based. We tasted one, and it tastes like decent chocolate chips that had a nasty run in with a Centrum bottle or something. Whatever, she loves them, they are nutritionally (hah! They're chocolate!) complete, we move on.

We love the letter w, but besides that, we're really willing to eat cucumbers these days, with chumus. LOTS of chumus. We like eating chumus on a spoon second only to eating peanut butter on a spoon.

Youth is what I clearly do NOT have, because not only am I stopping this now, but I can't immediately remember which letters of the alphabet I've skipped!... Definitely Montana, but possibly also Wyoming. Unless it was Grover Cleveland?

I have just one more thing to say to that. "Mommy tired. Mommy no sleep! Shhhh... Mommy sleeping. Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? No sleeping!"

PS Have the fonts on this blog gone all wonky for you too, or just on my computer at work?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dinner and a movie (well, two of them)

And you all thought I forgot about you again.

Witness Her Highness 'slumming' with the kitchen help in her new paraphanelia (thanks Bubbie!).

And witness Her Greasiness using "stick too!" and eating her egg roll, when we had our Chinese food tonight (thanks Uncle Micah!). She wouldn't even taste the sushi. Wimp.

And finally, the girl and Uncle Micah pursuing higher education. And yes, we've already contacted the car companies for endorsement possibilities.

Bonus video: SR and her good friend Nesanel (hence Sanel) playing in her room thother day.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Last week we had another delicious, nachas-y milestone.

As previously blogged, occasionally the girl would cover her eyes (okay, nose) and say 'Shema' with me, more or less. But all of a sudden now she just, boom, learnt the whole thing (meaning the 'Shema Yisroel...' line), complete with shem Hashem and everything. I discovered this one night when I started saying it, ready for her to chime in on her customary occasional final syllable, and boom, she just said it with me, phonic by phonic. And it was one of those exquisite, magical moments, very much like when you're singing with someone and you accidentally harmonize perfectly.

Of course, now the challenge is for her not to say it when she's in the bathtub, etc, etc, but heck, I can't get her to stop biting every now and then - I don't think we're quite up to not taking God's name in vain.

Sigh. Happy sigh.

Speaking of harmony, we've been working on that lately, since she brilliantly has learnt which button on the phone puts it on speaker, that is, makes the most noise. So we've been practicing singing the dial tone note together - she's sorta kinda learning the idea.

I'd like to publicly thank the Gordon family, who my daughter adores, since when we were over at their house the other day she witnessed the three elder children fighting over whose turn it was to wash dishes (bli ayin hara poo poo poo!). Bless my daughter the sponge (pun intended), who now requests to do the same:


Contrary to this picture of us all bundled up from a week or so ago, the weather has gotten downright balmy lately. Sarah Rochel (did I mention that she's usually saying 'Sarah Rochel' and not just 'Rochel' these days about herself?) is certainly appreciating not wearing a coat all the time.

On shabbos she took a nap in Mommy's bed... Well, lemme tell you about shabbos first. Friday she didn't take a nap at all. After candlelighting we went to a friend, who gave my daughter a lollypop... which turned out to be her dinner, since when we came home again the girl asked for a bottle, drank about three slurped and passed out in her Abba's arms. Aw. So she's asleep at 7 PM, so I figure she'll wake up at 5 AM, since - alas - she's been doing 10 hour stretches lately. Ha ha. She wakes up at 3. I go in, Yoav goes in. By 4 or so, Yoav brings her into our room, where she sleeps in my bed with me until about 5. Yoav and I then take turns with her until he leaves for shul about 8. She climbs into bed with me then, and I read a book... twice... v e r y s l o o o o w l y... and she finally falls back asleep, in my bed, for about two hours. Real cute, except the 5 AM thing? Not so cute.

She likes being in the 'big' bed though - she takes a pillow and curls up on the entire thing (aw).

Speaking of beds, I've spent a happy few hours daydreaming that someone in Houston (whose name starts with a Fried and ends in a Man, but I'm not naming names) will decide to bring a lift from Houston allowing me to buy some space off of them enabling me to get the bunk bed of my dreams (sheesh, even the Ikea one I was gonna buy here is about 300 shekel less if I buy it in the US!). Like who doesn't need a bunk bed like this. Sure, it's still $2500, and I was only planning on spending about $250, but what's a 0, more or less?

And then last night, for various reasons, she went to bed only at 11:20 PM... and got up at 7?? Hello, kiddo - you need more sleep than that! We'll see what happens tonight...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Who am I going to be today?

I do so love to keep them guessing. Specifically, I'm referring to sleep. While I won't bore you with the detailed accounts Mommy used to drone at you back in '06 (see the archives), you know, "SR went to sleep at 3:13 but woke up at 5:06 only to burp twice and cross her eyes, then she ate for 12 minutes and thirty seconds and I just can't figure out why she didn't eat for 12 minutes and forty five seconds," etc, etc... Suffice to say I have been a little kooky lately. I used to sleep for like 12 hours straight or so, if I was tired - hah! I'm gonna wake up after 9 or 10, and I don't care if it's 5 AM - or if it's 8 AM, but I went to sleep at 11. And so on.

Today I woke up at 7:30, but fell back asleep on the way to Yerushalaim. I slept for a while (I was out so hard I transfered from car seat to stroller to metapelet without blinking!), and then I took a nap on the way home - at 6 PM. My scheme is working!

But the biggest thing is what I did tonight. I was a little tired, I'll admit it, but that didn't mean I wanted to be put down in my cribby. So when Mommy left me in there (despite my pathetic arms-wide-open stance and pitiful cries), I cried and cried... and all of a sudden, Mommy and Abba noticed my crying was a lot CLOSER sounding than it was before! Yup, I somehow got from my cribby to my bedroom door, and I wasn't even hurt (let's hear it for the bolster pillow my parents have been keeping next to my crib!). I'm not sure if I figured out how to climb down or if I just tumbled over, but you can bet that meant I got rocked in the recliner until I was snoring!!

So maybe we'll just go back to Ikea real soon and buy me that bunkbed. Mommy and Abba let me play on the one in the store - I liked the top bunk A LOT - and it looks like it will hold up just fine. And I have an extra bed for friends to sleep over.

That reminds me - last night I went to play at Sanel's house (his name is Nesanel - I used to call him Nanel, but now I can enunciate so much better!). Sanel comes in the car with us a few times a week, and we always have fun in the back seat, sharing (stealing) crackers and pretzels and books and toys (in fact, Mommy already knows to call any cracker a 'Nanel cracker' if she wants me to eat it!). Sometimes we even hold hands, which for some strange reason makes the mommies giggle a great deal. Adults are so hard to understand.

Anyway, so I went to play with him while Mommy went and sang at ANOTHER women's evening thingy. Enough already, Ma! But Nanel / Sanel and I had a GREAT time. He's about 4 months younger than me, but exactly my height, and he ALSO doesn't go to sleep until late! Do you know how few of us there are in the neighborhood? We had so much fun, and I ate like two whole plates of chulent, which made my mommy happy... and jealous! (Not that she wanted it herself, just jealous cause I won't touch chulent at home.)

Chulent reminds me of shabbos.. Shabbos morning, Abba was playing with me while Mommy caught a last ten minutes of sleep or did something boring like go to the bathroom, I don't know. Anyway, so he comes in really close to me, and the smell was so strong that I said, "coffee breath!" And then he laughed. Hard.

Friday night I had a hissy fit. Why? Mommy put this pretty new shabbos dress on me, with this shmagorgeous tulle skirt - but the edging on the tulle starting coming off. When it was disconnected from the skirt enough that I was pulling the cord over my head like a necklace, Mommy said I had to take it off. And I cried "MY shabbos dress!" but she took it away anyway, and I was so so so SO sad! Mommy hid it in my drawer. Fortunately, I forgot about it by the next morning so I could wear the pretty outfit you see here.

Did you notice that I said, "MY shabbos dress," not "Sarah Rochel's" or "MINE" or something like that? I really mastered the 'my' this week. When Mommy picks me up, I especially like to hug her and say, "My Mommy!"

My Mommy is pooped, so back to somulescence with me. Nighty night - for now! HA HA HA!

Kilometer pebbles

Special nursing room at Ikea then...

Special nursing room at Ikea now...

Different slip cover, different paint - same cutie-pie. No, I didn't start nursing again (I wish!) it was just a good, contained area to change a diaper, put down El Squirmo, and not worry about her breaking anything.

I'm off to assemble our new stools and clean up the kitchen so we have a place to PARK the new stools.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ikea road trip

Some recent adorablenesses:

Still into our ‘bawkles’ the girl asked for one before we left the metapelet’s. So I went an used formula, brand name ‘Materna,’ to make her one. We leave, and ask we go she is talking about her ‘bawkle milk.’ I explain it’s not milk, rather it’s Materna. And she looks up at me and asks, ‘Abba-terna?’

I got very excited the other night that the girl was reading, because we were reading “The Cat in the Hat” for the nth time, and when we got to “all we could do was just sit, sit, sit, sit,” and I pointed to the first ‘sit’ she read it! And the next one! And the next one! Glory glory! And then when, several pages later, we got to “and so, so, so, so,” she did it again! Upon which it occurred to me, while she might actually be able to put ‘so’ together, since she knows both S and O and sorta kinda knows the sounds they make, there is no way she knows lowercase I and T. Brilliant though she is. And so as you all have undoubtedly suspected, when I went back to those words out of context, she read them both as ‘ya.’ So the real achievement here is how well she’s memorized Dr. Seuss, but I am working on her reading the word ‘so.’ I will give you progress reports, never fear.

Speaking of ‘sit,’ she unfortunately continues to mispronounce it at times, usually when she wants me to sit in the chair next to her as she falls asleep, which is particularly hilarious, to hear this tiny voice cursing at me as she sleeps in her bepinked cribby.

This is actually a blog on location, since we are currently winging (okay, Corolling) to Ikea (insert heavenly fanfare), and rather than stay up late last night blogging, Yoav suggested I get to it in the car. That’s what laptops are for! This was only possible due to the two days of snow that J-town got, thus freeing me from an obligation to work, hurray! (The fact that by 9 AM both days I could have driven in after all is completely immaterial. The fact that my boss was in America was much more a decisive factor!) So I got all my shabbos cooking done – just the chicken (already prepped) needs to get popped in the over, and, um, okay, so the soup and chulent need making, but they won’t take long. I also went to a bake sale that the local BY high school made to raise money for anonymous ‘needy people.’ Good enough for me. I got 70% whole wheat chocolate chip challah! As well as whole wheat Splenda brownies. Ain’t we healthy?

The girl just dumped her baggie of Cheerios, pretzels and Bamba on her lap. Sigh. Not the first time by far. My backseat looks like a snack factory. True story – she often reaches down in her car seat, under her tushy, to fish out a snack. Finds ‘em too. So hygienic.

Back to the snow, several people asked me why we didn’t drive towards J-town to show the girl snow (aside: it DID actually snow for three minutes in Ramat Beit Shemesh, which as far as I’m concerned is a sign of mashiach’s imminent arrival (amen!) but it didn’t stick and both the girl and I slept through it). Right now, the girl shies away from any precipitation on her, doesn’t like getting wet, and doesn’t like getting cold. So methought, um, why exactly are we going to take her to see something she won’t touch and won’t play with and will promptly say, “don’t like it.”?

She’s so funny with her ‘don’t like it’s. Including this morning, which I put a band-aid on a cut on my finger, and she pointed, said, ‘don’t like it,’ and started to cry. Huh? A band-aid? She also didn’t like it when we drove home on Tuesday evening, when the big storm that made all the snow was rolling in, and the car was getting hit with sheets of water. Clearly my daughter did not grow up in Houston, where I actively prefer driving in rain.

Tochs has started saying ‘so pretty’ at most landscape things, including big ugly gray clouds. Very cute.

We’re on Highway 6 now, Israel’s big beautiful autobahn of a toll road, where there probably is a speed limit but no one knows what it is, or cares. My husband is driving somewhere in the three digits now, which is somewhat more comforting since it’s kilometers. Somewhat. But it is lovely scenery (Hills! Orange trees! Farms! Security fence!) and traffic, such as it is, is certainly zooming along. Disappointly, however, the road does not seem to have wireless internet, so this will have to get posted later. A pity.

Sarah Rochel, in the back seat, is saying “Ay ya.” Clearly, she too feels the pending excitement of our upcoming pilgrimage to that great mecca of Scandanavian consumption, Ikea.


We're back home now, to the good news that the sick baby is off a respirator, yay!, drinking mommy milk (albeit not from the source) and is making eye contact with people. He's still on oxygen, but he is, bit by bit, improving. Chasdei Hashem! And Back home, with the bad news that a girl I went to camp with and seminary with just lost her husband in a car accident, she here in the neighborhood and her husband being killed in America. We know his family too - he went to yeshiva with Yoav, and his mom was one of my teachers. It's all more than a bit unreal.

Here's some quick pics, since we're running a bit late and I've already burnt the soup (sigh) and I have to get ready for shabbos.