Friday, February 01, 2008

Ikea road trip

Some recent adorablenesses:

Still into our ‘bawkles’ the girl asked for one before we left the metapelet’s. So I went an used formula, brand name ‘Materna,’ to make her one. We leave, and ask we go she is talking about her ‘bawkle milk.’ I explain it’s not milk, rather it’s Materna. And she looks up at me and asks, ‘Abba-terna?’

I got very excited the other night that the girl was reading, because we were reading “The Cat in the Hat” for the nth time, and when we got to “all we could do was just sit, sit, sit, sit,” and I pointed to the first ‘sit’ she read it! And the next one! And the next one! Glory glory! And then when, several pages later, we got to “and so, so, so, so,” she did it again! Upon which it occurred to me, while she might actually be able to put ‘so’ together, since she knows both S and O and sorta kinda knows the sounds they make, there is no way she knows lowercase I and T. Brilliant though she is. And so as you all have undoubtedly suspected, when I went back to those words out of context, she read them both as ‘ya.’ So the real achievement here is how well she’s memorized Dr. Seuss, but I am working on her reading the word ‘so.’ I will give you progress reports, never fear.

Speaking of ‘sit,’ she unfortunately continues to mispronounce it at times, usually when she wants me to sit in the chair next to her as she falls asleep, which is particularly hilarious, to hear this tiny voice cursing at me as she sleeps in her bepinked cribby.

This is actually a blog on location, since we are currently winging (okay, Corolling) to Ikea (insert heavenly fanfare), and rather than stay up late last night blogging, Yoav suggested I get to it in the car. That’s what laptops are for! This was only possible due to the two days of snow that J-town got, thus freeing me from an obligation to work, hurray! (The fact that by 9 AM both days I could have driven in after all is completely immaterial. The fact that my boss was in America was much more a decisive factor!) So I got all my shabbos cooking done – just the chicken (already prepped) needs to get popped in the over, and, um, okay, so the soup and chulent need making, but they won’t take long. I also went to a bake sale that the local BY high school made to raise money for anonymous ‘needy people.’ Good enough for me. I got 70% whole wheat chocolate chip challah! As well as whole wheat Splenda brownies. Ain’t we healthy?

The girl just dumped her baggie of Cheerios, pretzels and Bamba on her lap. Sigh. Not the first time by far. My backseat looks like a snack factory. True story – she often reaches down in her car seat, under her tushy, to fish out a snack. Finds ‘em too. So hygienic.

Back to the snow, several people asked me why we didn’t drive towards J-town to show the girl snow (aside: it DID actually snow for three minutes in Ramat Beit Shemesh, which as far as I’m concerned is a sign of mashiach’s imminent arrival (amen!) but it didn’t stick and both the girl and I slept through it). Right now, the girl shies away from any precipitation on her, doesn’t like getting wet, and doesn’t like getting cold. So methought, um, why exactly are we going to take her to see something she won’t touch and won’t play with and will promptly say, “don’t like it.”?

She’s so funny with her ‘don’t like it’s. Including this morning, which I put a band-aid on a cut on my finger, and she pointed, said, ‘don’t like it,’ and started to cry. Huh? A band-aid? She also didn’t like it when we drove home on Tuesday evening, when the big storm that made all the snow was rolling in, and the car was getting hit with sheets of water. Clearly my daughter did not grow up in Houston, where I actively prefer driving in rain.

Tochs has started saying ‘so pretty’ at most landscape things, including big ugly gray clouds. Very cute.

We’re on Highway 6 now, Israel’s big beautiful autobahn of a toll road, where there probably is a speed limit but no one knows what it is, or cares. My husband is driving somewhere in the three digits now, which is somewhat more comforting since it’s kilometers. Somewhat. But it is lovely scenery (Hills! Orange trees! Farms! Security fence!) and traffic, such as it is, is certainly zooming along. Disappointly, however, the road does not seem to have wireless internet, so this will have to get posted later. A pity.

Sarah Rochel, in the back seat, is saying “Ay ya.” Clearly, she too feels the pending excitement of our upcoming pilgrimage to that great mecca of Scandanavian consumption, Ikea.


We're back home now, to the good news that the sick baby is off a respirator, yay!, drinking mommy milk (albeit not from the source) and is making eye contact with people. He's still on oxygen, but he is, bit by bit, improving. Chasdei Hashem! And Back home, with the bad news that a girl I went to camp with and seminary with just lost her husband in a car accident, she here in the neighborhood and her husband being killed in America. We know his family too - he went to yeshiva with Yoav, and his mom was one of my teachers. It's all more than a bit unreal.

Here's some quick pics, since we're running a bit late and I've already burnt the soup (sigh) and I have to get ready for shabbos.


Debbie said...

Guess who is coming to Israel for Pesach... (cue jeaopardy music) OH YES!!! ITS THE FIRESTONES!!!!! (IYH) I sincerely hope you dont plan on running away to America again. We can not wait to see you and meet (can you beleive it I havent even met her on this side of your womb!) Sara Rochel!!!!!

tzipporah rabinowicz said...

okay so what did u buy in ikea?????

Jennifer said...

I love IKEA! Most of our furniture is IKEA actually. You should try and find this for SR. It's so much fun! The first time I got to play with it was a couple of years ago at Vacation Bible School. Okay, so the 4 year olds were probably supposed to be having more fun than me, but it was cool! It's as close to snow as we get in Houston. (Makes me miss the snow in Lubbock!)

nechama gorf said...

the brown dress is very cute. wasnt it great having 2 snow days without any snow? (besides that i was at the yarmishs from tues night till thurs afternoon with... i counted 34 people sleeping there and stuck in the house all day. b"H tatty was out of the country). and yes, what did you get at ikea?

Miriam the Mommy in a hurry said...


Debbie, cannot WAIT to see you and your supposed child (I see no pictures, I believe not she exists). Wanna catch second seder with us? Oh, darn, you'll probably be with that FAMILY of yours, won't you?

Gorf, 34. Wow. Thank God Tatty travels, or I'm thinking the steam coming outa his ears woulda melted the snow.

Cuz, Aunt Karen actually already sent us some of that snow. ;)

And as for Ikea... two bar stools, cutting boards and shears and frying pan for Pesach, frying pan for now, a blanket, two pillows, a rug for my room (matching one we have from there from about four years ago)... and I think that's it! Not a bad haul for under 400 shek.

Debbie said...

ooooo how tempting. how long do you think it wouldtake us to walk from Netanya to RBS???
and check facebook! there are pictures aplenty!