Monday, February 11, 2008


Last week we had another delicious, nachas-y milestone.

As previously blogged, occasionally the girl would cover her eyes (okay, nose) and say 'Shema' with me, more or less. But all of a sudden now she just, boom, learnt the whole thing (meaning the 'Shema Yisroel...' line), complete with shem Hashem and everything. I discovered this one night when I started saying it, ready for her to chime in on her customary occasional final syllable, and boom, she just said it with me, phonic by phonic. And it was one of those exquisite, magical moments, very much like when you're singing with someone and you accidentally harmonize perfectly.

Of course, now the challenge is for her not to say it when she's in the bathtub, etc, etc, but heck, I can't get her to stop biting every now and then - I don't think we're quite up to not taking God's name in vain.

Sigh. Happy sigh.

Speaking of harmony, we've been working on that lately, since she brilliantly has learnt which button on the phone puts it on speaker, that is, makes the most noise. So we've been practicing singing the dial tone note together - she's sorta kinda learning the idea.

I'd like to publicly thank the Gordon family, who my daughter adores, since when we were over at their house the other day she witnessed the three elder children fighting over whose turn it was to wash dishes (bli ayin hara poo poo poo!). Bless my daughter the sponge (pun intended), who now requests to do the same:


Contrary to this picture of us all bundled up from a week or so ago, the weather has gotten downright balmy lately. Sarah Rochel (did I mention that she's usually saying 'Sarah Rochel' and not just 'Rochel' these days about herself?) is certainly appreciating not wearing a coat all the time.

On shabbos she took a nap in Mommy's bed... Well, lemme tell you about shabbos first. Friday she didn't take a nap at all. After candlelighting we went to a friend, who gave my daughter a lollypop... which turned out to be her dinner, since when we came home again the girl asked for a bottle, drank about three slurped and passed out in her Abba's arms. Aw. So she's asleep at 7 PM, so I figure she'll wake up at 5 AM, since - alas - she's been doing 10 hour stretches lately. Ha ha. She wakes up at 3. I go in, Yoav goes in. By 4 or so, Yoav brings her into our room, where she sleeps in my bed with me until about 5. Yoav and I then take turns with her until he leaves for shul about 8. She climbs into bed with me then, and I read a book... twice... v e r y s l o o o o w l y... and she finally falls back asleep, in my bed, for about two hours. Real cute, except the 5 AM thing? Not so cute.

She likes being in the 'big' bed though - she takes a pillow and curls up on the entire thing (aw).

Speaking of beds, I've spent a happy few hours daydreaming that someone in Houston (whose name starts with a Fried and ends in a Man, but I'm not naming names) will decide to bring a lift from Houston allowing me to buy some space off of them enabling me to get the bunk bed of my dreams (sheesh, even the Ikea one I was gonna buy here is about 300 shekel less if I buy it in the US!). Like who doesn't need a bunk bed like this. Sure, it's still $2500, and I was only planning on spending about $250, but what's a 0, more or less?

And then last night, for various reasons, she went to bed only at 11:20 PM... and got up at 7?? Hello, kiddo - you need more sleep than that! We'll see what happens tonight...


nechama gorf said...

i know its not the same, but you can get similar beds from steinbergs wonderbed (which anyone who reads the newcomers guide will know) and its prob much cheaper. and right near your work. have you checked them out?

Miriam the Mommy said...

Yeah. They are NOT cheap at all, although do impressive work. If I go the custom made route, I have lots more choices...

Faye said...

I am gonna be flagrantly self promoting, and say.. LOVE the toch's hat!

rebekita31 said...

esti's schedule has also been out of wack these days. she's been taking 3 hours naps when she gets home from the baby sitter bc she doesnt want to sleep at the babysitter bc there are other kids there. the big yenta doesnt want to miss anything!!! but shes a cutey!