Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Who am I going to be today?

I do so love to keep them guessing. Specifically, I'm referring to sleep. While I won't bore you with the detailed accounts Mommy used to drone at you back in '06 (see the archives), you know, "SR went to sleep at 3:13 but woke up at 5:06 only to burp twice and cross her eyes, then she ate for 12 minutes and thirty seconds and I just can't figure out why she didn't eat for 12 minutes and forty five seconds," etc, etc... Suffice to say I have been a little kooky lately. I used to sleep for like 12 hours straight or so, if I was tired - hah! I'm gonna wake up after 9 or 10, and I don't care if it's 5 AM - or if it's 8 AM, but I went to sleep at 11. And so on.

Today I woke up at 7:30, but fell back asleep on the way to Yerushalaim. I slept for a while (I was out so hard I transfered from car seat to stroller to metapelet without blinking!), and then I took a nap on the way home - at 6 PM. My scheme is working!

But the biggest thing is what I did tonight. I was a little tired, I'll admit it, but that didn't mean I wanted to be put down in my cribby. So when Mommy left me in there (despite my pathetic arms-wide-open stance and pitiful cries), I cried and cried... and all of a sudden, Mommy and Abba noticed my crying was a lot CLOSER sounding than it was before! Yup, I somehow got from my cribby to my bedroom door, and I wasn't even hurt (let's hear it for the bolster pillow my parents have been keeping next to my crib!). I'm not sure if I figured out how to climb down or if I just tumbled over, but you can bet that meant I got rocked in the recliner until I was snoring!!

So maybe we'll just go back to Ikea real soon and buy me that bunkbed. Mommy and Abba let me play on the one in the store - I liked the top bunk A LOT - and it looks like it will hold up just fine. And I have an extra bed for friends to sleep over.

That reminds me - last night I went to play at Sanel's house (his name is Nesanel - I used to call him Nanel, but now I can enunciate so much better!). Sanel comes in the car with us a few times a week, and we always have fun in the back seat, sharing (stealing) crackers and pretzels and books and toys (in fact, Mommy already knows to call any cracker a 'Nanel cracker' if she wants me to eat it!). Sometimes we even hold hands, which for some strange reason makes the mommies giggle a great deal. Adults are so hard to understand.

Anyway, so I went to play with him while Mommy went and sang at ANOTHER women's evening thingy. Enough already, Ma! But Nanel / Sanel and I had a GREAT time. He's about 4 months younger than me, but exactly my height, and he ALSO doesn't go to sleep until late! Do you know how few of us there are in the neighborhood? We had so much fun, and I ate like two whole plates of chulent, which made my mommy happy... and jealous! (Not that she wanted it herself, just jealous cause I won't touch chulent at home.)

Chulent reminds me of shabbos.. Shabbos morning, Abba was playing with me while Mommy caught a last ten minutes of sleep or did something boring like go to the bathroom, I don't know. Anyway, so he comes in really close to me, and the smell was so strong that I said, "coffee breath!" And then he laughed. Hard.

Friday night I had a hissy fit. Why? Mommy put this pretty new shabbos dress on me, with this shmagorgeous tulle skirt - but the edging on the tulle starting coming off. When it was disconnected from the skirt enough that I was pulling the cord over my head like a necklace, Mommy said I had to take it off. And I cried "MY shabbos dress!" but she took it away anyway, and I was so so so SO sad! Mommy hid it in my drawer. Fortunately, I forgot about it by the next morning so I could wear the pretty outfit you see here.

Did you notice that I said, "MY shabbos dress," not "Sarah Rochel's" or "MINE" or something like that? I really mastered the 'my' this week. When Mommy picks me up, I especially like to hug her and say, "My Mommy!"

My Mommy is pooped, so back to somulescence with me. Nighty night - for now! HA HA HA!

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