Friday, March 28, 2008

What she said

Just some recent cuteness...

Abba was eating meatballs.
SR: Want meatball!
Abba: Okay, but how do we ask?
SR: (thinks for a second) Where's the meatball?

Abba was eating something else, don't recall.
SR: Uh, uh (which logically translates to, "I would like some of that" - sometimes she just says "some! some!").
Abba: Sarah Rochel wants some too?
SR: Srochel wants ONE!

Good shabbos!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Purim take II

Today I had to work, but had no babysitter. Fortunately, Yoav didn't have to work, so he and the girl galavanted around Jerusalem doing the Shushan Purim shtick, whilst I sat at Talk'n'Save (which thoughtfully bought those of us who came to work lunch).

So, pictures of the princess costume, and Savta Raba.

Are we waiting for our prince? Indeed, we are not. We are waiting for our entourage, undoubtedly, to come and change our royal diaper.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Purim review

Well, we made it. No breakdowns or temper tantrums (mine or the girl's!), everybody wore their costumes (such as they were), we didn't run out of food or shaloch manos, and we lit candles for shabbos BEFORE the sun went down.

Here's how it went...

Thursday, due to my taking so long to really get over this stomach bug, I wasn't fasting... but it was one of those days at work where no one could get anything done, you know? So it was a shleppy, "we're waiting for the party to start" sort of day. In the end I clocked out before actually leaving the office, because it had gotten to the point I felt like I was stealing from the company!

Yoav, fasting throughout, was a STAR and ran all sorts of errands in J-town, hitting a few stores to get the 'last' of what we needed, ha ha ha. We all drove back together and started to clear up the living room, because... 30 women were coming over! As we have done for a few years now, Yoav lained megilla for women in the house, so Purim began - hurray! - and a whole buncha people came over (SR went to a neighbor whose husband was watching all HER kids while she heard megilla at our house). Thank God, the story didn't change, the Jews still win in the end, Haman still bites it, and merriment, merriment. The girl came home and went to bed, and Yoav and I stayed up... for hours. Cleaning, making the food for shaloch manos, getting ready for our seuda, putting together chulent, etc, etc. I went to sleep at 1 AM, Yoav went to sleep sometime thereafter (he was on call with the ambulance, but God loves us and he wasn't called out) only to get up to daven at dawn because, surprise!, we needed him to go to the grocery store as soon as it opened to get the REST of the last of everything we needed.

He went, we got up and into costume, Mommy decorated SR's face with shoe polish, and we took pictures (a very important religious obligation of the day). Yoav read megilla again for another 20 people or so, and then we started with the rounds of giving and receiving goodies. The first wave of seminary girls had arrived at 8 AM, so they actually assembled all the shaloch manos, bless them, and while we were giving them out were making the food we were eating for seuda, setting the table, and even running out to deliver for us. I thought having 15 girls and a family for seuda would be stressful, but heck, they really did almost all the work!

B"H, starting from the onset of Purim, I really did start to feel healthy again - hurray!

For shaloch manos, Yoav had the idea to give hot dogs and french fries. So we did - soy hot dogs in buns, with greasy cold french fries (yum!) and a little muffin liner with ketchup (I admit we did give out Osem, not Heinz ketchup, for which I feel mildly guilty, but only because we had it in the house and had to get rid of it!). This was packaged with this thoughtful poem...

Last year our daughter dressed up as a cat
So we gave out milk and cans of fish
This year she's dressed up as a puppy dog*
So we're giving out hot dogs and chips on a dish
(Not that we endorse cannibalizing your young for shaloch manos)

So enjoy this mini seuda, on this day which is crazy
Since often to eat 'real food' we're way too lazy
It's all parve, that's right, even the dog in the bun
And Happy Purim from Yoav, Miriam, and Sarah Rochel Druyan!

*unless she decides to wear the princess costume, in which case, just enjoy the food, okay?

We got some excellent feedback (pun intended) on how children immediately fell upon the food we sent, thrilling their parents since it wasn't sugar, MSG or food coloring based (although I'm sure it contained all of those things, in moderation). And the empty bun that has been laying in the front garden of the building since then I see as a testament to us in some undefinable way.

So as you see the girl was dressed up as a puppy dog, even though the day got WAY too hot for her to stay in costume after a while, so we switched to shorts and her "Eat-sleep-poop" t-shirt (thanks again, Uncle Micah). I meant for her to wear the princess costume this shabbos, but Yoav had 'hidden' it by hanging it up in the closet. I couldn't find it! So maybe she'll wear it tomorrow.

Last year, as I'm sure you'll recall, she was a kitten (see here and here for historical Tochter blogness), and this year she was a dog... next year I think she's going to be a kallah, though, since her obsession continues unabated and that's what every other other little girl dressed up as!

For seuda, we had the aforementioned gaggle of girls and the Weinrebs (burp!) (sorry, bad predicate agreement humor, won't happen again). We had spaghetti and meatballs, salad and... chulent. We ate outside in the sukka, which was nice from a cleanliness perspective but HOT. The subsequent slight dehydration, wine drinking and sleep deprivation undoubtedly led to my husband's slight illness after they all left, about which I shan't blog any more details but to be thankful that I was over my stomach issues beforehand. Both he and Sarah Rochel (post-bath, since she was understandably filthy) passed out on the couch, very cutely (well, one more cutely than the other). SR I moved to the crib. Yoav moved himself to the bed later, where he stayed for several hours.

Yoav was just looking at the pictures with me, and asked me why I had given the girl shoe polish whiskers, as opposed to just a decorated nose. The answer was, because Sarah Rochel had insisted! "Do cheeks, do cheeks," so I did! And she verily enjoyed Mommy wearing her "puhple sheytle."

Shabbos we were out for both big meals, and thank you to the K's and B-C's for hosting us. SR was perfectly happy to have day #2 of eating inappropriate snacks, rotating nicely between the bisli-salty-type and the candy-food coloring-type.

Perhaps somewhat belatedly, she is now getting really into the Purim story, which is to say, she keeps talking about Mordechai and "Es-er" (don't know why we can't get that middle t consonant) and pointing to pictures in the "Mordechai book" and asking "what happens?" "Es-er hiding!" "Where Es-er go?" She likes the turtle too, and if there's no turtle in YOUR Megillas Esther, I recommend you buy Gadi Pollak's 'Purim Shpiel' immediately. We explained other aspects of Purim to her on a somewhat simplistic level, such as how on Purim everyone dresses silly (aside: she is quite delicious when she will do something goofy, then turn to me with a big grin going "dat's silly!"), we give everybody treats, we give tzedaka and we read "gilla." I am really happy she didn't have any overstimulation issues or oversugaration issues or anything that marred the day. She was just happy, and even when she got tired, she was alright as long as she was with us. She also spent like an hour on the front mirpeset watching a man in a full monkey suit stand on the street waving to cars. In fact today she was still looking for the "monkey street," but fortunately I think he has retired until next year.

Yoav only got called out on one real call over Purim, which was a kid who - surprise! - ran out in the street and got hit by a car. B"H he didn't seem too bad, certainly not compared to how he could have been. There were of course lots of minor burns from fireworks, but again, nothing as horrible as coulda been. But then, tonight and tomorrow are still actively Purim in J-town, so let us pray for idiot children and idiot adults to be spared from harm.

I am typing this while I eat a hand-decorated gingerbread man. I love people who put more effort into their shaloch manos than I do! We enjoyed our shaloch manos sushi too. And do you believe we received only ONE homemade hamentachen? I'd want a refund, if I wasn't already full from trifle and kokosh cake. Seriously, this year because Purim was on a Friday, people did seem to tone down a bit - we gave out 25 shaloch manos and sent cards for about that number of people. We got some nice stuff, but it's not a massive amount - it was really nice. Like, we might even eat all of it! :)

This was the night before, getting into the Purim spirit. My little sunshine.

Just before everyone passed out, after the guests all left...

...and that's how she fell asleep on the couch, leaning on the arm waiting for me to come back in the room.

This, while not immediately Purim related, was too cute not to share. Recently SR has gotten even more into pretend play than before, playing with fake fruit and plates and her baby, of course. She's very into diapering right now (that's right Micah, the 'used' diaper that was sitting on my couch for several days was HER TOY, not an 'actual' used specimen!). Up with the legs, slide the diaper under. And again, and again, and again! Thother night, she succeeding in closing the diaper! I didn't have the heart to explain that it's usually closed under her dress. SR was sooo proud!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kookoo fever

No thrilling repartee (is that spelled right?). I'm home sick with a tummy bug and feel icky-poo. Enjoy the pictures of my daughter and her 'koo koos' (ponytails) - she has recently become obsessed, including needing to sleep in them.

Shout-out to my holy seminary girl shabbos guests, who did EVERYTHING this shabbos and motzel shabbos (with my ever-more-holy husband) when I feel like dooooooody.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Someone just asked me to email them what our 'typical' night routine is. So I reproduce it here, for you, cause heck, I then buy myself another few days of blogging impunity:

SR is almost 2, and she's at a babysitter near my office, which is 45 minutes away from home.

We get home from work and the babysitter (I pick her up) about 5 PM. Then we go to the park or a friend's house (challenging since most of my friends are putting their babies to bed at that hour!) or shopping or whatever, or do stuff at home.

Yoav gets home around 6 most days, so usually around 6:30-7 we're all eating SOMETHING, even if it's microwaved soy shnitzel... again (sometimes for variety, we have FISH shnitzel!). Yoav and I were (or in his case, are) on South Beach, so it's hard to remember to make SR carbs, which is fine since she doesn't like them much. Lots of protein for dinner - she gets carbs during the day as crackers or pretzels or a sandwich.

Yoav goes out every night to teach, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. When he has more time at home he's happy to bathe her, say shema, etc.

Bathtime is around 7, lasts about half an hour. Then pajamas (massage), hair brushing and nightly lice combing (not worth waiting for there to be a problem - I can never see nits or lice so I just comb her daily), vitamins and brushing teeth, then we read 3 books (she has a sippy cup of water during the books). Then shema, singing and rocking in the chair, then into the cribby where she rolls over and goes peacefully to sleep - HA!! Alas, no, she's a bit spoilt and likes to fall asleep in the chair, but she's gotten too big to be comfortable 'laying keppe'! So, into the crib, where she cries a bit but usually falls asleep within three minutes.

Bedtime is ideally 8, 8:30... Of course, it's just after 10 PM here, and she just went to sleep, but she had a late nap.. So tonight Yoav actually came home from teaching just as we were about to say shema - she opted to say shema with Abba, and I came in here and got on the computer! :)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Video extravangana

Micah and the girl reading "Red Fish, Blue Fish" in the chair:

That one was clearly from a few days ago (you can tell not just because Micah was there, but because she was still wearing warm pajamas!).

Then we took a few tonight. So WHO taught my daughter to say 'cheese' when we take a picture? I didn't!! But someone musta!

This is just cute. Pay no attention to the diaper so wet it is threatening to claim a video of its own.

And lastly, take I of singing the chupa song. Clearly, I need to try this video when Yoav is here so he can sing along. Although she does read lips most impressively for this age...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Scrambling to catch up...

This shabbos we had a class of Sharfman's girls come for a shabbaton. They all slept at my holy friends' houses, and were all here for an oneg and shaloshudas, as well as most of them coming for lunch or dinner.

Yoav had his good buddy Ari Goldwag come Friday night for the oneg, where he spoke to the girls and sang as well. He sang his great "Flipping In", but more impactfully, his new song, "Finally Here," which is about mashiach coming. Tied into the horrible murders on Thursday night, this is what God sends us messages about, that we need to really want, really feel, really desire to live a life of greater spirituality and closeness to Hashem. Anyway, he expressed it beautifully as I, tired from shabbos, am not. But here's a link to him singing (clearly, on shabbos he sang without the guitar) if you like visuals, or go here to hear it in full instrumental harmony. (Lyrics here.)

But you'll be wanting to hear about the girl. Please pardon the lack of chronological order in this blog, but it's late and I'm just writing 'em as I recall 'em).

While Micah was here, we had burgers for a dinner a couple of times, thus ensuring my daughter ate a nutritious balance of both french fries AND onion rings. Oh, and whatever nutrients she got from the half a second a bite of actual hamburger stayed in her mouth. Then tonight, she had both potato AND corn chips for dinner. Oh, and a little cottage cheese. That's fine, because for lunch she had gefilte fish, salami (she took it out of the deli roll) and hot dogs from the chulent (with KETCHUP, which she has finally learned to like!). And breakfast was milk, cornflakes, raisins and tomatoes. Gosh, is someone taking notes for Dr. Sears?

Micah taught SR "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Bingo was his name (o)" while he was here. Downright wholesome. As you also know, he taught her car names too, so while I was davening today she was outside (in the surpisingly summery (read: hot) weather) on the mirpeset, and I overhear, "there's Kia, that's Mitsubishi, where Peugot?" and so on.

We are working on having her Highness fall asleep in her crib, as opposed to singing to her and rocking her in the chair until she's snoring. It's actually going surprisingly well, bli ayin hara, although she definitely prefers if you stay in the room until she's snoring. One step at a time. Part of this is because she can't get comfortable 'laying keppie' on me in the chair anymore - she's too long!! This system does NOT work well for naps, alas, because she's not quite convinced of the need for a nap at all. So Friday she didn't get one (although I tried), and today my efforts failed, but Yoav eventually drowsily read to her in the chair until they both passed out.

Since the weather has been warming up, we're really into running around naked (oh, DO let me qualify that 'we' as the royal, Sarah Rochelian 'we,' and let me NOT suggest any adult impropriety, thank you!). When we think of it, we do it sans diaper too. So toilet training may seriously be on the menu this summer.

In keeping with our continuous obsession with 'kallah's (brides), SR keeps asking us to sing her an 'Od Yeshama' tune.. and she's singing with us! I will have to video it, but it is MOST delicious. Did you know a kallah hides at the badeken? Just ask SR. But anyway, this learning of songs bodes well for Mah Nishtana. The problem is, in order for her to learn it, I will have to sing it most repetetively. And then I may go mad. Solutions, anyone? Do the Wiggles do 'Mah Nishtana'?

Speaking of Pesach, I am REALLY planning on starting to clean this week. Really. The guest bedroom first, then my room, then the long slow task of going kitchen cabinet by kitchen cabinet. The living room and girl's room are somewhat impractical until it's right up close to the holiday. And my mother will be here in a month! And we have a whole lotta people coming for seder! (Well, both seders.) Yoav has to have a spreadsheet! Jeepers!

Rather than making this blog mondo long because of all the gorgeous pictures we took in the park the other day, I'm trying to swing a slideshow. We'll see how this works. (As an aside, do you realize how hard it is to go down a slide and keep your skirt down?) You also have pictures of Micah teaching Sarah Rochel to eat her kiddie burger (not that she did, but the neighbor 10 year old I gave it to did), her putting things in Micah's mouth, and her with her mouth full of cottage cheese. I'm so proud.

I'm too tired to think of any other cute things, although they are most certainly there.

Gut voch, and may this week be somewhat happier than last.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Coming attractions

Now that my brother has gone (love ya Micah, but sharing a computer definitely cut down on blogging time), I have many many pictures and such to share with you (including cutenesses such as "car sit truck" when we saw a car carrier on the highway, not to mention my daughter's latest trick of asking for "fy minutes" (or occasionally, "two minutes") holding up her open hand to show me OF COURSE she's going to do what I asked her to... later). But, exhaustion, etc.

So here's Uncle Micah and the girl in the park the other day (she made until Micah "come in" to the little square formed by the benches).

As for this latest pigua in J-town, opening fire in a yeshiva, the terrorist being killed then by a kollel guy... Just totally, utterly nuts. And all I can think of are the mothers, who never would have thought their sons were in any danger in a yeshiva in the middle of Yerushalaim...