Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Someone just asked me to email them what our 'typical' night routine is. So I reproduce it here, for you, cause heck, I then buy myself another few days of blogging impunity:

SR is almost 2, and she's at a babysitter near my office, which is 45 minutes away from home.

We get home from work and the babysitter (I pick her up) about 5 PM. Then we go to the park or a friend's house (challenging since most of my friends are putting their babies to bed at that hour!) or shopping or whatever, or do stuff at home.

Yoav gets home around 6 most days, so usually around 6:30-7 we're all eating SOMETHING, even if it's microwaved soy shnitzel... again (sometimes for variety, we have FISH shnitzel!). Yoav and I were (or in his case, are) on South Beach, so it's hard to remember to make SR carbs, which is fine since she doesn't like them much. Lots of protein for dinner - she gets carbs during the day as crackers or pretzels or a sandwich.

Yoav goes out every night to teach, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. When he has more time at home he's happy to bathe her, say shema, etc.

Bathtime is around 7, lasts about half an hour. Then pajamas (massage), hair brushing and nightly lice combing (not worth waiting for there to be a problem - I can never see nits or lice so I just comb her daily), vitamins and brushing teeth, then we read 3 books (she has a sippy cup of water during the books). Then shema, singing and rocking in the chair, then into the cribby where she rolls over and goes peacefully to sleep - HA!! Alas, no, she's a bit spoilt and likes to fall asleep in the chair, but she's gotten too big to be comfortable 'laying keppe'! So, into the crib, where she cries a bit but usually falls asleep within three minutes.

Bedtime is ideally 8, 8:30... Of course, it's just after 10 PM here, and she just went to sleep, but she had a late nap.. So tonight Yoav actually came home from teaching just as we were about to say shema - she opted to say shema with Abba, and I came in here and got on the computer! :)

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