Saturday, March 08, 2008

Scrambling to catch up...

This shabbos we had a class of Sharfman's girls come for a shabbaton. They all slept at my holy friends' houses, and were all here for an oneg and shaloshudas, as well as most of them coming for lunch or dinner.

Yoav had his good buddy Ari Goldwag come Friday night for the oneg, where he spoke to the girls and sang as well. He sang his great "Flipping In", but more impactfully, his new song, "Finally Here," which is about mashiach coming. Tied into the horrible murders on Thursday night, this is what God sends us messages about, that we need to really want, really feel, really desire to live a life of greater spirituality and closeness to Hashem. Anyway, he expressed it beautifully as I, tired from shabbos, am not. But here's a link to him singing (clearly, on shabbos he sang without the guitar) if you like visuals, or go here to hear it in full instrumental harmony. (Lyrics here.)

But you'll be wanting to hear about the girl. Please pardon the lack of chronological order in this blog, but it's late and I'm just writing 'em as I recall 'em).

While Micah was here, we had burgers for a dinner a couple of times, thus ensuring my daughter ate a nutritious balance of both french fries AND onion rings. Oh, and whatever nutrients she got from the half a second a bite of actual hamburger stayed in her mouth. Then tonight, she had both potato AND corn chips for dinner. Oh, and a little cottage cheese. That's fine, because for lunch she had gefilte fish, salami (she took it out of the deli roll) and hot dogs from the chulent (with KETCHUP, which she has finally learned to like!). And breakfast was milk, cornflakes, raisins and tomatoes. Gosh, is someone taking notes for Dr. Sears?

Micah taught SR "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Bingo was his name (o)" while he was here. Downright wholesome. As you also know, he taught her car names too, so while I was davening today she was outside (in the surpisingly summery (read: hot) weather) on the mirpeset, and I overhear, "there's Kia, that's Mitsubishi, where Peugot?" and so on.

We are working on having her Highness fall asleep in her crib, as opposed to singing to her and rocking her in the chair until she's snoring. It's actually going surprisingly well, bli ayin hara, although she definitely prefers if you stay in the room until she's snoring. One step at a time. Part of this is because she can't get comfortable 'laying keppie' on me in the chair anymore - she's too long!! This system does NOT work well for naps, alas, because she's not quite convinced of the need for a nap at all. So Friday she didn't get one (although I tried), and today my efforts failed, but Yoav eventually drowsily read to her in the chair until they both passed out.

Since the weather has been warming up, we're really into running around naked (oh, DO let me qualify that 'we' as the royal, Sarah Rochelian 'we,' and let me NOT suggest any adult impropriety, thank you!). When we think of it, we do it sans diaper too. So toilet training may seriously be on the menu this summer.

In keeping with our continuous obsession with 'kallah's (brides), SR keeps asking us to sing her an 'Od Yeshama' tune.. and she's singing with us! I will have to video it, but it is MOST delicious. Did you know a kallah hides at the badeken? Just ask SR. But anyway, this learning of songs bodes well for Mah Nishtana. The problem is, in order for her to learn it, I will have to sing it most repetetively. And then I may go mad. Solutions, anyone? Do the Wiggles do 'Mah Nishtana'?

Speaking of Pesach, I am REALLY planning on starting to clean this week. Really. The guest bedroom first, then my room, then the long slow task of going kitchen cabinet by kitchen cabinet. The living room and girl's room are somewhat impractical until it's right up close to the holiday. And my mother will be here in a month! And we have a whole lotta people coming for seder! (Well, both seders.) Yoav has to have a spreadsheet! Jeepers!

Rather than making this blog mondo long because of all the gorgeous pictures we took in the park the other day, I'm trying to swing a slideshow. We'll see how this works. (As an aside, do you realize how hard it is to go down a slide and keep your skirt down?) You also have pictures of Micah teaching Sarah Rochel to eat her kiddie burger (not that she did, but the neighbor 10 year old I gave it to did), her putting things in Micah's mouth, and her with her mouth full of cottage cheese. I'm so proud.

I'm too tired to think of any other cute things, although they are most certainly there.

Gut voch, and may this week be somewhat happier than last.

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Yitz/Yaffa said...

Hi Miriam, I gotta do the blog thing too. I just want to make a constructive suggestion: when you include links in the blog, go to the Edit Html tab and right after the link's web address, type target=_blank>
That will get the link to open in a new tab. It's nice to read the blog all the way through, and not have to remember to go back to it after we follow the links.