Sunday, March 09, 2008

Video extravangana

Micah and the girl reading "Red Fish, Blue Fish" in the chair:

That one was clearly from a few days ago (you can tell not just because Micah was there, but because she was still wearing warm pajamas!).

Then we took a few tonight. So WHO taught my daughter to say 'cheese' when we take a picture? I didn't!! But someone musta!

This is just cute. Pay no attention to the diaper so wet it is threatening to claim a video of its own.

And lastly, take I of singing the chupa song. Clearly, I need to try this video when Yoav is here so he can sing along. Although she does read lips most impressively for this age...


Faye said...

wow is she available for private parties? Women only, of course!

rebekita31 said...

is the chupah song in honor of daniella?

Debbie said...

haha I was going to be all witty and ask if the chuppah song was for lau-tzipporah-ie bur someone beat me to it! maybe its for daniella AND laurie :-)
BTW the "you made me ink" comment on OS made me snort my milk in front of all of Touro grad school. alas you have that effect on me.