Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alright, ALRIGHT!

Everyone in my house is sleeping, I just washed three flavors of dishes (my first dishwashing in a week - yay being spoilt by my mommy!), I should be sleeping BUT I am getting so much flack from people who will actually see Sarah Rochel IN PERSON within a week (you know who you are) about not blogging, that I lose sleep for you.

Go on. Appreciate me.

First of all, and perhaps most notably UNblogged about, Her Highness Princess Sarah Rochel Druyan turned TWO. Wow. Happy birthday, Prunella! For a while there she was telling people she was turning three - she seems to have gotten it now, although still needs some prompting (it helps if you hold up two fingers - she's young, she's allowed some crib notes) (HA, get it, crib notes, cause she's a baby... oh man, it's late)...

She got neither a party nor a cake, but we talked about it a lot. And we couldn't be more grateful to Hashem for the total and absolute blessing that she is. Two years down, a whole bunch more to go, please God. (As my mother points out, parenthood is forever, something she is undoubtedly reminded of as she's done my laundry, made me dinner, changed my sheets, etc this week.)

Pesach cleaning continues apace, thanks to Yoav being off work and my holy mother being here. Note to self: clean under my bed more often than once every four years. We are having oodles of people for the seders (yes, we're making two, since we have all these חו''ל guests), so we'll be doing fun things like moving the living room couch into the hallway (hmm, hope the neighbors won't mind) and putting all 5 (!) leaves in the table. To say nothing of food. We will make food. Much food.

The meat has been ordered. Massive (but blissfully cheap) briskets are in the freezer, chickens were ordered through the Keren (see below), corn beef and turkey are being delivered tomorrow (well, so much for blissfully cheap). We stocked up on gefilte fish since the one we like often sells out, and we've already purchased our first container of super-duper ashkenazi kosher mayonaise (an insulting 14.99 NIS for a small jar - it wouldn't hurt as much if it weren't right next to the sfardi (kitnios) one for 5.99!! Can't they put them on separate shelves???).

Keren Lev Yisroel is a financial aid type fund around here, works through one of the local tzedak funds at the holidays to offer lots of food items for sale. They offer two prices - "cost," and "subsidized, for people who otherwise would have had to cut down on their yom tov expenses." The subsidized prices are about 25% off of cost, and as you can imagine, the cost prices are much less than we see in the stores, as a rule. Masses of people go wait in line to 'buy' their coupons for the food ('normal' and subsidized get the same coupons, thus avoiding stigma). It was a facinating sociological experience waiting in line, hearing women (separate lines, please!) discuss their choices and budgets, seeing women who you would THINK could afford the 'regular' price (nice apartments, both spouses working) needing to get the subsidized prices... Just like in America, everything here has gotten more expensive in the last year, but it seems to hit home more here since so many people live closer to the financial edge. So anyway, we got our chickens at this beautiful price, in addition to a bunch of other staples (although, alas, not as much matza as we wanted, since - believe it or not - the matza factory burnt down*. (please feel free to ignore all the garbage comments on that article))

Um, what else? I'm fading fast..

Oh, bathtime. We still get a little teary at the prospect, but thanks to my patient husband and cajoling mother, she is once again happy when IN the tubby. At one point she was saying "too litle" (although it may have been "too yellow") - maybe she thought she'd go down the drain? We emphasize what a big girl she is, and she's doing better. Whew! Smells better too!

Okay, I'm zonked. Off to bed. Enjoy this (alas) single picture.

*YB, I couldn't get the link think to behave, and I'm too tired to look it up and recall the rudimentary html I knew back in tenth grade.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I don't know why, but for about a week now the girl gets sobbingly hysterical at the thought of getting in the tubby, which is so strange considering previously she'd be content to stay in the water for an hour, and often after I drained the water she'd STILL stay in the tub playing with the drain and, occasionally, licking the tub floor (I don't makes it up, I just reports it!).

But suddenly, wah wah wah!

She didn't recently have a scary slip into the water incident or anything. Few nights ago all she was saying in her hysteria was "belly, belly sit!" It may have also been "bally sit", I don't know - but... huh??? And then tonight, as she was sitting in my lap grasping two towels for dear life, she was just saying "towel, towel," oh-so-pathetically (that and "no bathtime! No quick bath!"). Poor baby.

The biggest problem is she still doesn't understand the word 'why.' It's actually quite unusual for a child her age who is otherwise SO verbal to not chaaap 'why,' but she doesn't. This makes our life easier (so far none of the constant "why?" questions when we say or see anything), but makes it harder to diagnose these issues. So I ask her in the midst of hysteria, or later when we're calmer, WHY she doesn't want to take a bath...

"Sarah Rochel, why don't you like the tubby?"
"Does something hurt you?"
"Is it too cold?"
"Is there a hairy purple monster in there?"


Bubbles, no bubbles, lots of water, little water, hotter water, colder watter - nothing doing. She doesn't like it any better with company either. We're stumped. We're just going to sweat it out, give her as short baths as possible, teach her how to use a nail brush, and hope that, this too, will pass.

And speaking of passing things (ba da dum!), here's a picture of our patented method, Toilet Training with a Safety Net (note the aforementioned nail brush). She went with Abba to buy a potty last Friday, since she'd been asking to use ours (!) occasionally, but been chickening out at the pivotal moment, as it were. So they got the one she picked out, which appeals to her due to the button on top, which plays "It's a Small Word" when pressed. (Brings 'musical chairs' to a whole new meaning, eh?) She hasn't been interested in sitting on it yet without diaper AND clothes, but today she did pick it up and hug it and say, "MY potty!" Pride of ownership is the first key. Let's just hope she doesn't love it so much she doesn't want to get it dirty.

More pics:

This was my coup of a dinner the other day. We had hot dogs (yum, nitrites!), and some corn, but I was worried my daughter wasn't going to get enough solid carbs. So I gave her some potato chips. And, whew, she made her daily minimum of sodium! We were so worried!

We're working on not using quite SO much water, but we love to wash dishes! Hmm... maybe I should take her clothes off first, and accidentally squirt her with the faucet from the other sink... Think she'd notice? But how to accidentally shampoo? The challenges of motherhood.