Monday, May 05, 2008

Another teaser

Lemme alone, my folks are leaving tonight. Of course, my new evening-vegetate-in-front-of-computer job is to work on songs for next year's play (!!) but I WILL get around to blogging.

We came home early from work yesterday since the girl had an impressively high fever (only 39, aka 102.2, but for her it's high - bli ayin hara she's a pretty healthy kid). She had had two vaccines last week, but the doc says he thinks this ain't related. Anyway, she was still herself and mostly just fine, and the ibuprofen brought the fever down. Last night she slept pretty well, and this morning still had a slight fever - but was totally her usual happy self, B"H. So we stayed home from work and hung out... and left her with a babysitter to go out to yummy dinner in J-town. Well, she was feeling better! And she WAS perfectly happy to stay, reading "Elmo Goes to the Potty" eight billion times... We came home, and she chose Zayde to put her to sleep. Then she woke up (or called out) 5 minutes later, and asked for Mommy. Then five minutes later, Mommy again. Then five minutes later, Bubbie's turn, and now, at midnight, I think we're FINALLY through.

Here's a pic from El Gaucho in Ramat Gan, where we went on chol hamoed.

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