Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A "big" night

(Aside: no I CANNOT recall that cute thing I was going to share, and neither can my friends in the park (harumph!) so either it will come to me or not. I'd say your loss, but no, it's mine, because if two-point-one years of mothering has taught me ANYTHING, it's that you won't remember ANYTHING unless you blog it. Or take a picture of it. Or it leaves a stain.)

(Okay, that's not entirely true... but it's close enough to truth to suffice in a blog.)

Baruch Hashem, the antibiotics are working (the culture indeed showed I had strep), and my throat has been feeling better hourly, while in general I am just about back to myself. So while my Wednesday-at-home wasn't as productive as usual, I still got some Talk'n'Save work done (please hold for an emergency search engine plug: Talk'n'Save cell phone rental in Israel, going to Israel for the year? then rent a phone for Israel from Talk'n'Save, that's, cell phone rental for Israel, Israel phone rental and Israel SIM card. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming) which is busy now because I'm working on all of our marketing-towards-the-students-coming-next-year stuff (in case you, ahem, couldn't tell. Did I mention we have a refer a friend program? A free $10!)... gosh, where did this sentence start? Oh yes, so I got some work done, did a bit of laundry, ate some week old shabbos food (what I had made during the LAST productive Wednesday!) and finally went and picked up My Girl.

We went to the park and hung out with Yisroel and co., then came home. We watched some Wiggles on YouTube (because she hadn't done so in AGES and frankly, after shlepping in the sun I needed to do something stationary). Then she helped get dinner ready (did I ever tell you? She had an undecipherable "I wanna epple" for a while. She'd go and stand by the fridge and repeat it over and over, and we had NO clue what she meant. Apple? No. Elbow? No. Finally - it means "I want to help you," as in help get dinner or do dishes or whatever. YUM!), and then while we waited for Abba to get back from mincha, she helped match socks and fold napkins. Then she ate VERY nicely (both in manners and quantity), then played while Yoav and I finished. Then she helped put away her toys, and literally danced with me into the bathroom for bathtime.

She also made sure we didn't "forgot vitamins."

She lay down in the tub on her belly, holding her head above water, "wimming" very nicely, but only if I kept her toes covered with the washcloth. (Previous to now she wouldn't lay down until the water went down!) Then she let me cut her nails (okay, I had to ask a few times) but really, VERY nicely - no crying, only snatched her hand back twice, no squirming!

As soon as I took her out (and yes, she volunteered to come out, didn't need to be forced), she asked to sit on the potty. Quick towel dry, and down she went, while I went to her room to get hairbrush, etc. Came back, brushed her hair, used the special comb. She starts playing with the comb, then stands up to check something in the tubby, and... behold! WE HAVE USED THE POTTY! (And yes, I confirmed it wasn't just that we were still wet from the tubby and dripped.) Much fanfare from the mother towards the slightly bemused tochter, much applause etc. She wiped VERY nicely, we dumped in the toilet, SR flushed (she does enjoy flushing), we get in our pajamas (and diaper - you think I'm nuts?), and reward her Mature Highness with that classic neighborhood pee-in-the-potty reward, a single chocolate chip (you get two for more impressive potty contributions).

Toothbrushing ("forgot toothbrush!") she does, then lets me finish up VERY nicely. We then read our 'Once Upon a Potty' book twice, then that old classic, "Happy Baby 123". And she knows it COLD, is counting forwards and backwards and accurately (as in "How many oranges are there?" and she counts them). So big! My big girl! We say shema, and... my big girl wants to sleep in her cribby. Fine, whatever. I sing. Now, bed. Okay. I sing. Wait, she needs her baby. I go get the baby, we tuck her in - now, cribby. FINE, okay, sing sing, goodbye.

And then all semblance of 'big girl' goes out the window, except in that you have to admire her mature stalling techniques. And she did not cry, even once.

Crib for 3 minutes.
"Mommy! Mommy!" (open door) "Baby okay now!" (good, and so... lay down girl, leave)

Crib for 3 minutes.
"Mommy! Mommy" (open door) "No baby." (remove baby from crib) "Sing Winken Blinken Nod" (sing)

Crib for 5 minutes.
"Mommy! Mommy!" (open door) "Need baby." (replace baby) "Sing Hamalach" (okay, but just once)

Crib for 10 minutes.
"Mommy! Mommy!" (open door) "No baby." (show her we can put baby in opposite end of crub, so not in our way. Now go to sleep, Squirt!)

Crib for 3 minutes.
"Mommy! Mommy!" (open door) "No baby." (drop her over the side into the chair already!). "Bed!" (take small face firmly between hands - if you go in the bed, no more moving, Mommy's not coming back in, okay?) "Yah." (put in bed, goodNIGHT!)

Bed for 2 minutes.
"Mommy! Mommmmmmmy!!" (through closed door - GO TO SLEEP!) "Need more water!" (Huh?) "More water cuppy!" (much to my chagrin, indeed, she had finished her water. I refill, I come back in eating my words, drop off full cup, and goodBYE!)

Bed for 3 minutes.
"Mommy! Mommy!" (not opening door! GO TO BED!) "Mommy? Mommy?" (continue blogging furiously, thinking how badly I want to go and make a cold drink with crushed ice but am afraid of the noise) "Mommy! Mommy! MOMmy!" (Yoav walks in) "Mommy! Mommy!" (make Yoav read this whole account, holler 'go to bed' and 'goodnight' a few more times) "Mommy... Mommy..." (almost relax) "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy booger! Mommy booger nose! Booger no-o-ose!!... Mommy! MOMMY!" (Yoav goes in, she doesn't mentioning her booger and so he doesn't address it, he lays her down, sings briefly, leaves)

BLI AYIN HARA, it's now two hours and 7 minutes since bathtime began, and we (may) have heard the last of her for the night. I never would have kept going in except I felt (undoubtedly rightfully so) that after two nights of getting put to sleep in the car and two days of hardly seeing me that she needed some extra "Mommy is going to come if I call" reassurance.

Right. That's my big girl. My big, little, occasionally infantile, darling, teething, peeing-in-the-potty little girl.

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Anonymous said...

Happy you are feeling better, love and kisses to the "Big Girl" and her hard working parents...
Sabba and Savta