Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poetic princess

The other day Sarah Rochel was running down the sidewalk and said, "Running! Running! Like birdies flying sky!"

Move over Emily Dickinson.

Shoot, she said something else majorly cute the other day that I now can't remember.

But she has been saying "Mommy sick" which is, alas, true. I seem to have strep, as in seem-to-so-much-that-the-doc-put-me-on-antibiotics-even-before-the-culture-comes-back, oh joy. So I came home early yesterday (and SR went to the holy David's house, where she was fed and bathed and loved and only got into one hairbrush altercation with Nesanel the Toddler (SR may have been grooming him a little forcefully)). Yoav picked her up, she fell asleep in the car. Today, he woke her and dressed her. I got out of bed long enough to get a hug and a "bye bye!" from her Highness. I went back to bed, she went to J-town. She was picked up by Mama Nechy, who fed and bathed and loved her and from whom Yoav will be picking her up momentarily, whereupon she'll fall asleep in the car.

My total time with my daughter in the past 24 hours? 15 seconds, not including our 5 AM meeting when she needed an emergency two verses of "Winken Blinken and Nod" sung to her with my scratchy voice whilst I leaned against the bedroom wall so I wouldn't fall down.


In fire news, some weeks ago the fire department in Beit Shemesh had an open house week, with demonstrations and displays and fun stuff. We took SR, who likes fire trucks and such from her books, and she enjoyed it.. mostly. It was hot and crowded but neat.

And last week it was Lag Baomer, so we went to the shul's "party and fire." SR enjoyed the (controlled) bonfire ("fire warm") and especially enjoyed walking up the nosh table and nonchalantly helping herself to take not just snacks but the entire bowl. Fortunately, taller children had gotten there first, so the bowls were mostly empty.

Argh! I just asked Yoav what that cute thing she said the other day was, and he can't remember either!

Throat...so...sore... Must...eat...ice cream...

Anyway, while her Highness is cuter than ever, she is less into posing for the camera now than she used to be. Well, she can talk to you about it, but she's got more things to do than just sit there and smile, you know?

(that last is too cute, even if it is out of focus)

And speaking of cuter than ever, here is she in her finery a year ago. What a difference (more) hair makes!

In sleep news, she still occasionally vaccilates between bed and cribby, but the bed is winning. As soon as the school year ends Yoav will remove the crib and then I'm sure she'll lay peacefully and quietly in her bed every night until we marry her off, pack her off to seminary, or whatever. Probably whatever. When we check on her before we go to sleep, it's occasionally quite comical, as she will sometimes be totally off her pillow except for her feet, or be off the bed except for her head, and so on. I took this picture of her sleeping quite soundly not on the bed (except her 'Goodnight Moon' socks that Uncle Boaz got her), but rather on the bolster pillow we put next to the bed to break her fall (somewhat silly since the pillow is only one inch down from the bed, and the bed is only about 7 inches off the ground, but whatever).

All for now. Will see you at 3 AM when I wake up and remember what that cute thing was she said.

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