Friday, May 09, 2008


I'm kinda doling out bits and pieces of Pesach here, since I don't see a good solid hour or two to sit down and write up all we did. Heck, we didn't even DO that much, but we had a very good time. We're having boys this shabbos, so maybe motzei shabbos I'll have some computer time (since I don't feel compelled to play Risk or whatever they're gonna do after shabbos, and I'm SURE my daughter will just put herself to bed easily and quietly at 8 PM exactly, like every night. Ha ha ha. Cringe).

So I asked Sarah Rochel to give us an overview of the visit with the grandparents. She and I had a beautiful, elaborate, articulate discussion about it.. and THEN I thought to video it. So, take one...

Then take two was MUCH better - but the camera battery died in the middle, wiping the take. So, onto take three...

Good shabbos!


Brie said...

that take 3 is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen and I pride myself in seeing some pretty cute things in my time. I was laughing out loud! She is precious. See you around one of these days perhaps!

Michelle said...

Sorry I missed you again. We'll catch up one of these days. I must say that she is one enjoyable cute kid. I literally laughed out loud at the conversation - enjoy every second of her - and give her lots of smothering hugs and kisses from me.
Talk to you soon,