Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is she TOO wonderful?

We're typing in red because this is our big 'bli ayin hara' post. Pardon the brief superstition.

Yoav was reading in "What to Expect the Toddler Years" that at 28 months (note: we're only at 26 or so) SR may be able to identify one color, to identify a couple friends by name, and so on.

She knows all her ABC's.
She knows most of her אבג's.
She knows a great many colors, even if she does confuse them some of the time (but she will ask for her orange sippy cup, the red igloo pop, the pink sandals instead of the purple ones, etc).
She knows every other word to loads of books.
She talks about her friends with specific references to things they have done, toilets they have used, house pets they own, their mothers, and so on.
She can be given a little lecture on sharing and then changes her behavior to comply (did I mention none of these are ALL of the time? She's perfect and all that, but let's not go too far!).
She knows her patella and phalanges and femur and all that, but that's just brainwashing from an early age.
She knows her right foot from her left foot about 80% of the time.

Why am I writing all this? Certainly not to brag of my outstanding parenting skills. How can I, when I'm not with her up to 8 of her waking hours a day? Certainly not to show her off to you, Loyal Blog Readers, who by reasons of kinship or randomness are already enamored of her. Certainly not so she can read it one day and go, "MOMMY, this blog is emBARassing meeeee!!"

I think it's mostly so I'll remember for myself. What a long way she's come! Let's see... a year ago I was blogging about her...
1. just getting some teeth (and hair), and
2. walking, and
3. she was almost done nursing.

As opposed to today, when she...
1. let me brush her teeth without a fuss, and then insisted I brush her tongue as well. Did I mention that while in the tub she reminded me not to forget to brush her teeth? And when she gets something in her hair, she complains "got dirty curly hair!" Then you try and touch it, and she says "MISE curly hair!" ('Mise' is the obvious opposite of 'yours.')
2. She walked around in her shoes, my shoes... Put her sandals on by herself (albeit on the wrong feet) including fastening the Velcro strap.
3. She nurses her own baby (my old Cabbage Patch Kid, vintage 1984) from her bellybutton. In the tub tonight she nursed Dora the Explorer, while holding the letter I to her ear like a cell phone and saying shema. She also actually asked me to nurse her (!) today, which I - regretfully - had to decline.

And TWO years ago, I was blogging...
1. That she learned to roll over both ways
2. That she pooped in the tub
3. That stroller shopping online was keeping me awake nights

And now...
1. She rolls out challah dough
2. She makes jokes that she has pooped and needs to be changed, but hasn't really (or says "maybe gas! Just gas!").
3. Stroller shopping is STILL keeping me awake! More on that another time.

(Hmm, two years ago I was a much better blogger too. Oh well!)

Life is much more stressful now, despite SR sleeping eight billion bajillion times better now. I work more now, and since the dollar is in the u-bend of the toilet I am making less money too (at least all of you in America are getting closer to paying what we pay for gas (about $8/gallon), although that doesn't actually improve anything so I don't know why I mentioned it). It's summer, so it's warm and that can be stressful too.

And I'm just plain old tired.

But I had a vacation this week! Talk'n'Save (the best cell phone rentals for Israel )took me on our sorta-annual kayaking trip up north, and - score! - Yoav got to come as the medic / melave neshek. Hurray! So he and I got to spend a whole day together going up north and kayaking and BBQing, along with most of my co-workers. Fun day. SR went to her regular RBS babysitter till 4 PM (I dropped her off at 6:50 AM, still sleeping), and then a teenager picked her up and kept her till we made it home, about 9:45 PM. Thank God my daughter doesn't hold a grudge - she was perfectly happy to see us then and didn't fuss at us for being absent all day. (Similarly about her not holding a grudge, if she's howling in her crib because she doesn't want to go to sleep, when we finally do come in she totally stops crying and is as nice and sweet as can be. Bless her heart.)

The next day, though, Sarah Rochel was sick - feverish, vomiting, lethargic. She slept a lot that day (it was Wednesday, my day off, so at least I got some work done while she slept) and then the next day - she was all better ("I not sick. I feel better. Mommy sick." No SR, thank God Mommy isn't sick. "Mommy feel better!" Right). Just one of those things! Let's hear it for a (should I switch back to the bli-ayin-hara red?) healthy immune system.

This is her Highness helping Abba hang up laundry outside. Well, it's HOT and laundry dries fast, to say nothing of the countless millions of agurot we're saving by not using the dryer. Note that this cherry dress she loves so much that in the midst of her being ill the other day, she insisted on changing into it, and woe to the parent who neglects to put the matching tushy cover on her!

We're so proud of ourself in Mommy's shoes.

This was after she went swimming on Friday afternoon. I didn't want to put her in the tub - no time - but to leave her hair as it was was asking for MAJOR knots come motzei shabbos. So I committed the cardinal sin of curly hair and brushed it out, dry. And there we see her Texan roots, because my daughter had Big Hair. And when I say "Big Hair," I mean "Big Hay-ayer," as any Texan can understand.

Anyway, that's all the ramblings to date. Back to check eBay for strollers one more time, and then to bed with me!


Faye said...

Ok, that post was lovely. I can't help laugh about the hair tho. That child looks like a clown. NEVER ever brush out curly hair, you know that! Still adorable though!

brenda said...

I just got back from a trip to NYC to spend with Sam and Carlye, who, BTW, thinks you hung the moon for writing to her about stuff. I was clothes and closet shopping, not stroller shopping :)
We really must make sure you two meet face-to-face sometime, hopefully in Eretz Yirael, since she might come especially to see the holy, mystical, mysterious you, although not yet to see me and my most charming family (at least not yet - I'm still chipping away at that one)
Love the pics. Hope all is well.

nechama gorf said...

the hair picture is a little scary, it did not look that extremem on shabbos