Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ladies Night

(Here's hoping none of the other parents involved mind me posting racy pictures online! Yowza!)

Sarah Rochel hosted her first pool party of the summer today! It certainly was hot enough (gasp, gasp, especially walking home with her at 4 PM from across the neighborhood when I thought there was a stroller waiting for me there - there wasn't!).

Last year when we bought the kiddy pool, Her Highness was NOT impressed, didn't want to go in, cried to come out when she went in... Kind of a not liking to get wet thing, combined with "why exactly am I taking a cold bath outdoors with clothes on?" sensation.

As I suspected, the way to overcome this would be to have her watch OTHER children be excited. And so it was. P. came over for the afternoon and evening, and then R. joined us. Then from the pool to the bath (like a Roman spa or something, right?), then they all ate dinner together. R. then went home, and P. stuck around, falling asleep in the crib in a way that made me Openly Jealous (bli ayin hara, but that's the difference several months of age and being the third child makes!). SR stayed up for another hour with me, watching old SR baby videos and generally being consoled that there was another person in her cribby!

I guessed and got lucky enough to get on camera her first immersion into the water. Yay!

Before we were ready to get in the pool - we just "watched."

First we could play with the water from safely outside the pool... (as an aside, my daughter kept calling it the "cool of the pool," a direct quote from 'Horton Hears a Who,' which she calls, with proper reverence, "the elephant book").

Finally - in the water!!

Ain't they cuties? Seriously, it was when they kept doing this together that they seemed... so... old. I mean, P. will be three in a couple months, she really IS old (relatively speaking), but they were like a couple of laughing 8 year olds... 14 year olds... 18 year olds... Yikes! Not that the two of them are under any pressure to be friends that long, nor to fit into this tiny pool at the same time for anything longer than this summer.

A little apres swim. Fortunately, P. stared visibly shivering, making me aware that my own tochterbean might be getting a wee bit chilly. Sure enough, like her mother, her lips were turning blue. And sure enough, like her mother, she didn't care, and even after I took her out, keep sneaking back to the pool.

I will now omit the bathtub pictures I took of the three of them, cause heck, when you're shooting three squirmy girlies, it's hard to keep everyone properly covered! That, and the darn models kept moving and going out of focus...

Dinner. Nutritiously, we served noodles, cottage cheese and, for a vegetable, a pickle apiece. Of course, later when the sleeping P. had been collected by her family and it was time for SR to go to bed, she ate a full two slices of whole wheat bread (!) as a stall.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful evening, kudos to the photographer who captured the girls'pure joy...
Love, Sabba and Savta

Faye said...

wow that was insanely cute! I just can't get over how big the toch is! Thanks for your post on my blog btw.

Debbie said...

haha my favorite part was how you held your foot out in case she tripped while getting in... because that would help.... how?