Thursday, July 31, 2008

Call me droopy eyelids

Two nights ago... I stayed up till 3 AM (don't ask). Before I went to bed, I went to check on her, moved her sleeping self up to the pillow... and she rolled over and mumbled "sing chupa song." So I did. Tiptoed out... and she didn't wake till morning. Yay!

Last night...

She was up, 3:30-4:30. I don't know why. Neither does she. When I came in, she immediately got back in bed. I rubbed the back, I sang. She was eyes closed, breathing like she was sleeping. Stand up - she pops up. I sit down not on the bed but in the chair, sing sing, she sleeps... I stop singing. Every 4 minutes or so (love my Indiglo watch), she pops her head up to make sure I'm still there. After a few times, I get up to leave. She cries, won't settle down, I offer bed - crib - bed - crib - bed - she wants bed - put her in bed - she wants crib - put her in crib - she wants a back rub - rub back, sing.. and leave. Whew. She WAS tired - she had only fallen asleep at 11 PM in the car on the way back from an engagement party in J-town (yes, taking her with was easier than finding a babysitter this time of year).

Today we talked about putting all the 'dubies' (bears, stuffed animals, etc) on her bed so she wouldn't be lonely when she wakes up. She liked the idea.. in the morning. At bedtime, she said no. I offered Dini, my beloved brontosaurus who sleeps on MY Big Girl Bed. Nope. She fell asleep during reading time tonight, so she's in the bed... alone... We'll see what happens tonight!

The sleep deprivation is getting to my immune system, said she of the sore throat. Argh...

Yoav is coming home tonight - thank God! - from a three day trip up north. He is sooo on call with Her Highness tonight.

I think the sleep deprivation is getting to her too, since she's been a tad fractitious lately... that is, defiant. Maddeningly so, because she communicates SO WELL (bli ayin hara) that when she refuses to communicate or refuses to listen (or obey) it's very hard. She's gotten us in the habit of having a very well behaved kid.

Anyway. B"H she's still cute:

This just before Saba and Savta left last week. As in the following:

SR: Where Saba and Savta go?
Me: They went back home to America.
SR: On an airplane? (aside: she has the CUTEST interrogative upspeak when she asks a question)
Me: Yes, while you were sleeping they left and went on an airplane to go back to America.
SR: Why?
Me: Because that's where they live.
SR: Why?
Me: You know how you live in Ramat Beit Shemesh, and Yardena lives in Yerushalaim?
SR: Yesss.
Me: Well, Saba and Savta live in America. They don't ALWAYS live in our house.
SR: Want to go to Saba Savta house.
Me: Trust me kiddo, they want you to go too! But America is very far away.
SR: Why?
Me: Because that's how Hashem made the world. But IY"H they will come back again soon.
SR: Don't want to go on airplane.
Me: (quickly calculating) You don't have to go on an airplane for a long time, not until you're THREE.
SR: Mommy?
Me: Yes.
SR: Mommy?
Me: Yes dear?
SR: Mommy?
Me: Yes sweetheart?
SR: Honeybunch (giggle).
Me: That's right, Saba likes to call you Honeybunch.
SR: Want food.
Me: Do you want a sandwich?
SR: No. Want to touch ceiling. (note: this said while strapped in car seat)
Me: Can you reach it?
SR: Can't reach it!
Me: When you come out of the carseat you can reach it.
SR: Mommy? Mommy?
Me: Yes Sarah Rochel?
SR: Let's talk together. (where did she get that??)
Me: I thought we were talking!
SR: Bachashem! (this is 'Baruch Hashem' as in what she says right after she says 'hello' on a toy phone)
Me: Baruch Hashem!
SR: Sooooo.... (lilting)... Want bawkle my-turna (as in, Materna = formula).
Me: I don't have any Materna in the car. We can have milk at home.
SR: Want to eat cat.

I may have to start giving people rides and charging admission, just for the entertainment value.

Note our fancy, easy-to-clean eating attire. This is what happens when dinnertime is after something like 'wash your hands in the sink and in the process get your clothing soaking wet'-time.


You may have noticed - I'm adding Google ads to this blog. Well, if I CAN make any money off it, it can't hurt. Feel free to click many ads. If they turn out inappropriate (gosh, we'll find out what keywords like 'booger' and 'tushy' and 'poop' pull up!), I'll take it off, despite the hordes of money I'll be making, no doubt.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

They who kvetch by night

Gosh it's been a long time since I blogged about my daughter's mid-night wakings. But indeed, for the last six or so consecutive nights, she's been up for a half hour to an hour.

Several of the last few bedtimes have been deceptively easy, since Sroch's been so tuckered out as to fall asleep while we're reading. You just sling her onto your shoulder and put her down in the Big Girl Bed, and voila, instant 2 year old sleeping in a Big Girl Bed.

Until 3 AM or so.

(Although, to be fair, the one or two nights she insisted on sleeping in the crib she woke up too.)

Then she climbs out and comes to the door and calls for us (or just calls us from the crib). We go in. Either she's content to go back in the bed while you rub her back and sing, or she wants to go in the chair or in the crib, while you sing. Or "story" at her. Or sing some more. And she lays there, peaceful, quiet - and wide, wide awake. Her eyes just don't close. If finally you get to some shut eye (hers, heaven forfend yours), you creep out... and 50% chance she'll wake right back up and holler for you. If she's in the crib, fine, go back in, tell her you love her, maybe sing one more song... and you leave, asleep or not. She's contained. If she's NOT in the crib (and since we're Big Girl Bed training, we don't want to SUGGEST the containment furniture device), you go back in... and sing, rub and story until her eyes are closed AGAIN (10 minutes minimum) and you creep out with many a silent prayer to God that she STAY sleeping because by golly, YOU need your sleep, even if she doesn't.

Bless her.

Today she got her nap, and it's been a few days... Maybe it will help. I had to sit on her bed rubbing her back and singing for about fifteen minutes until she fell asleep in the first place (remember - in the Big Girl Bed, we don't yet leave her there awake. Pointless. First let's get her comfortable in there, and THEN we teach her to stay there!). I got up, crept out. Two minutes later she hollers and is at the door. I go back in, rub rub, sing sing... Out. Whew. We'll see what happens tonight!

I've contemplated doing middle-of-the-night blogging when she wakes me like that, you know, like vintage Druyanity bloggage. But I am just too flipping tired.

So why am I blogging now at 1 AM?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big girl, big bed, big hair

This picture is SR and Nesanel, her backseat buddy who came over last week to swim. After their bath (don't tell anyone!), he put on her clothes, hence his suave, Miami-Vice pastel look.

I will totally admit that the downside to blogging so irregularly these days is that I don't remember what I've already shared with you.

So sorry if I repeat myself.

While I can't find this in any book, I personally think Sarah Rochel must be exceedingly advanced because about a month ago she started exercising this specific imaginative play:

"Now I'm Mommy, and you Sarochel."

Whereupon I say, "Hi Mommy!" and she says "Hi Sarochel!"

We do this for a while.. I'll be Abba and she'll be Mommy, I'll be her and she'll be Saba, I'll be Savta and she'll be Abba, etc, etc. And she loves it - it delights her. She also doesn't seem to use it as an evasive maneuver, which I find surprising, since it's the logical conclusion: If Mommy tells me to do something I don't want to do, then become the Mommy! But she hasn't taken it that far.

In short, her imaginative play is everything I would want it to be. She tends to her baby most beautifully, nursing and diapering and feeding soup (and blowing because it's hot) and putting her to sleep and so on. She likes to dress up in Mommy and Abba's clothes. She likes to put a blanket on her head like a tallis (although this morning, she put the blanket on like a cape, called it a shirt, and jumped up and down on her bed singing "I love the chicken! I love the chicken!" Now THAT is an imagination!). This is a picture of her nursing, in case you couldn't tell.

When she draws, she really sees what she's drawing, although it makes Picasso's stuff look like Norman Rockwell in terms of clarity. Like before Saba and Savta came, I sat her down to make a sign for their door. She drew a head (vaguely oblong curved line that may or may not close into a circle). She drew an eye (scribble on one side). She drew another eye (dot on different quadrant). She drew a nose, mouth, hat or hair, ears, etc - some dots, some scratches, some lines extending far past the original face, etc. Very cute. But if she works on something else for a bit and comes back to it, she knows - this scritch was a nose, this blob was an ear, etc. She really SEES it.

Or I forgot which scritch and blob were which. But she certainly remembers that THIS collection of scribble was Saba's head, and THIS collection was Savta's head, and so on.

Very exciting - we finally got her Big Girl Bed (TM)! We ordered this from Etz Maleh, although only the bottom bed came for now - the rest will come in October (!), which is when they will have grown the tree for it, I don't know... Anyway, SR was VERY psyched about it, as you can see from the pictures - SO excited and proud and so on... And then the first night with it, slid off my lap and crawled into her crib. And stayed there. Firmly. Alright!

So then LAST night... She stalled. OH did we stall. We insisted on 'toast' (i.e. a plain piece of bread, the only thing she's allowed to eat at bedtime), we didn't want Mommy to say shema (so she did it alone... awwwwww!!), etc, etc...

BUT after almost falling asleep in mid-bread in the recliner as I sang... she let me put her down in the bed!

She immediately turned her little body like she would in the crib, so she had her head up against the bed rail and her feet up on the wall behind her... And she didn't want to be on the pillow or under a sheet, just next to her blankie, with sippy cup in one arm and what was left of the 'toast' in the other...

And I sang and sang and sang... and she fell asleep!!

YAY! Victory!

For the moment. :)

My big girl - I'm so proud of her!

She's too cool in her shades.

The Big Girl Bed (TM)! Note she's in the middle of getting the doll dressed or changed or something. Note also the incredible volume of her hair. She's like a Prell commercial or something.

We were VERY excited about our Big Girl Bed!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mazal tov!

Gosh, it's been a long while. Wow.

Remember who I asked you all to daven for?

The baby came home a week or two ago.

The bris IY"H beshaah tova umutzlachas is this Tuesday morning, 9:15, at the Great Synagogue in Yerushalaim, and, I quote the mother, "all of klal yisroel is invited."

(All of klal yisroel should not necessarily expect bagels and cream cheese of course)


May Tinok ben Aviva now have only simchas, strength, Torah, chupa, good health (!) and maisim tovim, AMEN!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cherry on top

I give you a blog with THREE videos, and I give you even more...

Yoav is working at a camp this summer, which is great since he'll get to teach AND go on a plethora of trips AND get paid for it! He also will be missing many, many bedtimes, harumph. But anyway, he needed a new tiyul hat, which I must say suited the girl so nicely I almost made him go and buy another one.


She's had her baby sleep in the cribby with her the last couple nights. When I left her last night (yes, she's wearing clothes - she wanted to "get dressed! No pajamas!" after her bath, so I gave in), she and the baby were both tucked in with the blankie, head on pillow. This morning, they were both untucked, and face down.


It took much longer than we thought it would, but Sarah Rochel FINALLY learned to ask...


Moreover, she is also learning to ANSWER "why," like today's conversation in the tubby:

SR: Want to go on airplane.
Me: Remember Pesach, seder, etc?
SR: Yesss.
Me: Well, NEXT Pesach, we're going to America... on an airplane!
SR: Don't want to go on airplane.
Me: Why?
SR: Be... because big girl no airplane. Helicopter.
Me: No, we're not going on a helicopter. Only an airplane.
SR: Don't want it.
Me: Why don't we discuss this again a little closer to the time?
SR: Two minutes!

Did you notice the above 'yesss'? All of a sudden, her omnipresent "yah" as an affirmitive response has switched to the excellently ennunciated 'yesss,' doubly impressive because most adults (ourselves included) say 'yeah' a lot more than 'yes.'

She's such a pip.

She's been quite the entertainer the last couple of nights, I think especially so because Saba has been in residence, and he delights her Highness muchly. So for your approval, two (long) videos of her dancing around, hollering 'sponga' (the Israeli equivalent of mopping, for the uninitiated) and 'shabbos kodesh' (despite today being Monday). Also, reuploaded finally, is her singing in the tubby.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The problem with toddlers

The problem with toddlers (and blogging about them, ahem) is that Baruch Hashem, after a certain point you've pretty much hit the big milestones and all that comes next is just More.

Milestone: rolling over (apprx 3 months or so. See archives).
More: "Today, Sarah Rochel rolled over front to back for the 8,654th time."

Milestone: identifying the phone as a 'hello'
More: "Today, Sarah Rochel insisted we call Mrs. X, and then had a 10 minute conversation with her. She also likes to sing along with the dial tone."

Milestone: saying "Mommy"
More: "Today, Sarah Rochel learned that a whiny MOMMMMMMMMy doesn't offend as greatly as a whiny IIIIIIIIIIMA!"

See what I mean?

Baruch Hashem she walks, talks and chews gum (well, not gum, but she loves lollipops). She actually talks all day - talks, sings, to us, to herself. And it's mamish adorable, but hard to capture in blog format. She's totally precious and precocious when she makes up a song, but when you transcribe it into:

Bayeeee bayeee bayeee go go bebo, bebo, bebo. Bayeeee bayeee bayeee, beeeBO!

...well, it's just not the same.

And we have long interesting conversations about how Saba and Zayde and Abba are boys and they wear kippas, and Savta and Bubbie and Mommy and Sarah Rochel are girls and they wear hair (sorry Saba, Zayde and Abba - I guess you're all bald), and trees are also boys because they wear kippas, and our friend's baby is "Not boy. Not girl. Baby." Oh. But again, hard to make into the same scintillating blog material as, say, her sleep schedule and bowel movements.

And just as I wrote that... she just woke up! Abba just went in to see what's wrong. She's old enough to have bad dreams... amazing, no? But her imagination works for everything else, so why not that?

Anyway, so the milestones we have left are:
-Toilet training. Well, we TALK about it a lot, and even performed once or twice, but she's just not interested now. So fine, she calls the shots on this one.
-Moving out of the crib permanently. Well... we talk about it a lot, and we're buying her a new bed soon and putting away the crib, so this is happening sooner than later. But she's just a baby! Sigh.
-Using scissors? Learning to read words? (She knows letters and numbers, and read our license plates today... that was pretty cute, actually. Part of the plate number is 7-8-9-6, and she went, "7, 8, 9 (with a finger tapping on each digit)," and then tapped the 6 and said "10 (tap), 11 (tap), 12 (tap) (without a pause) 6 (tap, and move on to next digit)." She corrected herself!)

Oh, poor baby. Why did she wake up? Because she was cold - we had the air conditioning on! Yoav covered her with the blankie - and we turned the AC off.

So that's another milestone, I guess. Soon she'll just come out of bed and turn it off herself!

Last thing. Today at Kivi-and-Rachel-and-Baby Vorah's house, I was asking Rachel if she was a monkey (she was wearing monkey pajamas). She said no. Yoav asked if Sarah Rochel was a monkey.

She said, "No, Sarah Rochel's a PRINCESS."

You got it baby.