Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big girl, big bed, big hair

This picture is SR and Nesanel, her backseat buddy who came over last week to swim. After their bath (don't tell anyone!), he put on her clothes, hence his suave, Miami-Vice pastel look.

I will totally admit that the downside to blogging so irregularly these days is that I don't remember what I've already shared with you.

So sorry if I repeat myself.

While I can't find this in any book, I personally think Sarah Rochel must be exceedingly advanced because about a month ago she started exercising this specific imaginative play:

"Now I'm Mommy, and you Sarochel."

Whereupon I say, "Hi Mommy!" and she says "Hi Sarochel!"

We do this for a while.. I'll be Abba and she'll be Mommy, I'll be her and she'll be Saba, I'll be Savta and she'll be Abba, etc, etc. And she loves it - it delights her. She also doesn't seem to use it as an evasive maneuver, which I find surprising, since it's the logical conclusion: If Mommy tells me to do something I don't want to do, then become the Mommy! But she hasn't taken it that far.

In short, her imaginative play is everything I would want it to be. She tends to her baby most beautifully, nursing and diapering and feeding soup (and blowing because it's hot) and putting her to sleep and so on. She likes to dress up in Mommy and Abba's clothes. She likes to put a blanket on her head like a tallis (although this morning, she put the blanket on like a cape, called it a shirt, and jumped up and down on her bed singing "I love the chicken! I love the chicken!" Now THAT is an imagination!). This is a picture of her nursing, in case you couldn't tell.

When she draws, she really sees what she's drawing, although it makes Picasso's stuff look like Norman Rockwell in terms of clarity. Like before Saba and Savta came, I sat her down to make a sign for their door. She drew a head (vaguely oblong curved line that may or may not close into a circle). She drew an eye (scribble on one side). She drew another eye (dot on different quadrant). She drew a nose, mouth, hat or hair, ears, etc - some dots, some scratches, some lines extending far past the original face, etc. Very cute. But if she works on something else for a bit and comes back to it, she knows - this scritch was a nose, this blob was an ear, etc. She really SEES it.

Or I forgot which scritch and blob were which. But she certainly remembers that THIS collection of scribble was Saba's head, and THIS collection was Savta's head, and so on.

Very exciting - we finally got her Big Girl Bed (TM)! We ordered this from Etz Maleh, although only the bottom bed came for now - the rest will come in October (!), which is when they will have grown the tree for it, I don't know... Anyway, SR was VERY psyched about it, as you can see from the pictures - SO excited and proud and so on... And then the first night with it, slid off my lap and crawled into her crib. And stayed there. Firmly. Alright!

So then LAST night... She stalled. OH did we stall. We insisted on 'toast' (i.e. a plain piece of bread, the only thing she's allowed to eat at bedtime), we didn't want Mommy to say shema (so she did it alone... awwwwww!!), etc, etc...

BUT after almost falling asleep in mid-bread in the recliner as I sang... she let me put her down in the bed!

She immediately turned her little body like she would in the crib, so she had her head up against the bed rail and her feet up on the wall behind her... And she didn't want to be on the pillow or under a sheet, just next to her blankie, with sippy cup in one arm and what was left of the 'toast' in the other...

And I sang and sang and sang... and she fell asleep!!

YAY! Victory!

For the moment. :)

My big girl - I'm so proud of her!

She's too cool in her shades.

The Big Girl Bed (TM)! Note she's in the middle of getting the doll dressed or changed or something. Note also the incredible volume of her hair. She's like a Prell commercial or something.

We were VERY excited about our Big Girl Bed!


Faye said...

wow big hair indeed. I see she is continuing to show those Texan roots... I love the big girl bed. Have a great Shabbos.

Shira said...

Oh, to send a kiddie to bed with a doll........I console myself that at least YM goes to sleep with his "toicheh" (Thats "Torah" chassidsh gananet style).
Enjoy the maidele- she is SO yummy.