Thursday, July 31, 2008

Call me droopy eyelids

Two nights ago... I stayed up till 3 AM (don't ask). Before I went to bed, I went to check on her, moved her sleeping self up to the pillow... and she rolled over and mumbled "sing chupa song." So I did. Tiptoed out... and she didn't wake till morning. Yay!

Last night...

She was up, 3:30-4:30. I don't know why. Neither does she. When I came in, she immediately got back in bed. I rubbed the back, I sang. She was eyes closed, breathing like she was sleeping. Stand up - she pops up. I sit down not on the bed but in the chair, sing sing, she sleeps... I stop singing. Every 4 minutes or so (love my Indiglo watch), she pops her head up to make sure I'm still there. After a few times, I get up to leave. She cries, won't settle down, I offer bed - crib - bed - crib - bed - she wants bed - put her in bed - she wants crib - put her in crib - she wants a back rub - rub back, sing.. and leave. Whew. She WAS tired - she had only fallen asleep at 11 PM in the car on the way back from an engagement party in J-town (yes, taking her with was easier than finding a babysitter this time of year).

Today we talked about putting all the 'dubies' (bears, stuffed animals, etc) on her bed so she wouldn't be lonely when she wakes up. She liked the idea.. in the morning. At bedtime, she said no. I offered Dini, my beloved brontosaurus who sleeps on MY Big Girl Bed. Nope. She fell asleep during reading time tonight, so she's in the bed... alone... We'll see what happens tonight!

The sleep deprivation is getting to my immune system, said she of the sore throat. Argh...

Yoav is coming home tonight - thank God! - from a three day trip up north. He is sooo on call with Her Highness tonight.

I think the sleep deprivation is getting to her too, since she's been a tad fractitious lately... that is, defiant. Maddeningly so, because she communicates SO WELL (bli ayin hara) that when she refuses to communicate or refuses to listen (or obey) it's very hard. She's gotten us in the habit of having a very well behaved kid.

Anyway. B"H she's still cute:

This just before Saba and Savta left last week. As in the following:

SR: Where Saba and Savta go?
Me: They went back home to America.
SR: On an airplane? (aside: she has the CUTEST interrogative upspeak when she asks a question)
Me: Yes, while you were sleeping they left and went on an airplane to go back to America.
SR: Why?
Me: Because that's where they live.
SR: Why?
Me: You know how you live in Ramat Beit Shemesh, and Yardena lives in Yerushalaim?
SR: Yesss.
Me: Well, Saba and Savta live in America. They don't ALWAYS live in our house.
SR: Want to go to Saba Savta house.
Me: Trust me kiddo, they want you to go too! But America is very far away.
SR: Why?
Me: Because that's how Hashem made the world. But IY"H they will come back again soon.
SR: Don't want to go on airplane.
Me: (quickly calculating) You don't have to go on an airplane for a long time, not until you're THREE.
SR: Mommy?
Me: Yes.
SR: Mommy?
Me: Yes dear?
SR: Mommy?
Me: Yes sweetheart?
SR: Honeybunch (giggle).
Me: That's right, Saba likes to call you Honeybunch.
SR: Want food.
Me: Do you want a sandwich?
SR: No. Want to touch ceiling. (note: this said while strapped in car seat)
Me: Can you reach it?
SR: Can't reach it!
Me: When you come out of the carseat you can reach it.
SR: Mommy? Mommy?
Me: Yes Sarah Rochel?
SR: Let's talk together. (where did she get that??)
Me: I thought we were talking!
SR: Bachashem! (this is 'Baruch Hashem' as in what she says right after she says 'hello' on a toy phone)
Me: Baruch Hashem!
SR: Sooooo.... (lilting)... Want bawkle my-turna (as in, Materna = formula).
Me: I don't have any Materna in the car. We can have milk at home.
SR: Want to eat cat.

I may have to start giving people rides and charging admission, just for the entertainment value.

Note our fancy, easy-to-clean eating attire. This is what happens when dinnertime is after something like 'wash your hands in the sink and in the process get your clothing soaking wet'-time.


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