Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The problem with toddlers

The problem with toddlers (and blogging about them, ahem) is that Baruch Hashem, after a certain point you've pretty much hit the big milestones and all that comes next is just More.

Milestone: rolling over (apprx 3 months or so. See archives).
More: "Today, Sarah Rochel rolled over front to back for the 8,654th time."

Milestone: identifying the phone as a 'hello'
More: "Today, Sarah Rochel insisted we call Mrs. X, and then had a 10 minute conversation with her. She also likes to sing along with the dial tone."

Milestone: saying "Mommy"
More: "Today, Sarah Rochel learned that a whiny MOMMMMMMMMy doesn't offend as greatly as a whiny IIIIIIIIIIMA!"

See what I mean?

Baruch Hashem she walks, talks and chews gum (well, not gum, but she loves lollipops). She actually talks all day - talks, sings, to us, to herself. And it's mamish adorable, but hard to capture in blog format. She's totally precious and precocious when she makes up a song, but when you transcribe it into:

Bayeeee bayeee bayeee go go bebo, bebo, bebo. Bayeeee bayeee bayeee, beeeBO!

...well, it's just not the same.

And we have long interesting conversations about how Saba and Zayde and Abba are boys and they wear kippas, and Savta and Bubbie and Mommy and Sarah Rochel are girls and they wear hair (sorry Saba, Zayde and Abba - I guess you're all bald), and trees are also boys because they wear kippas, and our friend's baby is "Not boy. Not girl. Baby." Oh. But again, hard to make into the same scintillating blog material as, say, her sleep schedule and bowel movements.

And just as I wrote that... she just woke up! Abba just went in to see what's wrong. She's old enough to have bad dreams... amazing, no? But her imagination works for everything else, so why not that?

Anyway, so the milestones we have left are:
-Toilet training. Well, we TALK about it a lot, and even performed once or twice, but she's just not interested now. So fine, she calls the shots on this one.
-Moving out of the crib permanently. Well... we talk about it a lot, and we're buying her a new bed soon and putting away the crib, so this is happening sooner than later. But she's just a baby! Sigh.
-Using scissors? Learning to read words? (She knows letters and numbers, and read our license plates today... that was pretty cute, actually. Part of the plate number is 7-8-9-6, and she went, "7, 8, 9 (with a finger tapping on each digit)," and then tapped the 6 and said "10 (tap), 11 (tap), 12 (tap) (without a pause) 6 (tap, and move on to next digit)." She corrected herself!)

Oh, poor baby. Why did she wake up? Because she was cold - we had the air conditioning on! Yoav covered her with the blankie - and we turned the AC off.

So that's another milestone, I guess. Soon she'll just come out of bed and turn it off herself!

Last thing. Today at Kivi-and-Rachel-and-Baby Vorah's house, I was asking Rachel if she was a monkey (she was wearing monkey pajamas). She said no. Yoav asked if Sarah Rochel was a monkey.

She said, "No, Sarah Rochel's a PRINCESS."

You got it baby.


nechama gorf said...

maybe im alone in this sentiment but i think hearing cute/funny things she does is much more entertaining than her sleep/diaper schedule. does anyone else agree with me?

Zayde said...

It all depends on your perspective. I find her sleep/diaper schedule entirely satisfying as entertainment, yet also have come to appreciate her omnipresent cuteness and wittiness and intelligence and curiosity and creativity and everything else about her equally well. Is my perspective biased? Of course! would I change anything? Not a chance!