Wednesday, July 30, 2008

They who kvetch by night

Gosh it's been a long time since I blogged about my daughter's mid-night wakings. But indeed, for the last six or so consecutive nights, she's been up for a half hour to an hour.

Several of the last few bedtimes have been deceptively easy, since Sroch's been so tuckered out as to fall asleep while we're reading. You just sling her onto your shoulder and put her down in the Big Girl Bed, and voila, instant 2 year old sleeping in a Big Girl Bed.

Until 3 AM or so.

(Although, to be fair, the one or two nights she insisted on sleeping in the crib she woke up too.)

Then she climbs out and comes to the door and calls for us (or just calls us from the crib). We go in. Either she's content to go back in the bed while you rub her back and sing, or she wants to go in the chair or in the crib, while you sing. Or "story" at her. Or sing some more. And she lays there, peaceful, quiet - and wide, wide awake. Her eyes just don't close. If finally you get to some shut eye (hers, heaven forfend yours), you creep out... and 50% chance she'll wake right back up and holler for you. If she's in the crib, fine, go back in, tell her you love her, maybe sing one more song... and you leave, asleep or not. She's contained. If she's NOT in the crib (and since we're Big Girl Bed training, we don't want to SUGGEST the containment furniture device), you go back in... and sing, rub and story until her eyes are closed AGAIN (10 minutes minimum) and you creep out with many a silent prayer to God that she STAY sleeping because by golly, YOU need your sleep, even if she doesn't.

Bless her.

Today she got her nap, and it's been a few days... Maybe it will help. I had to sit on her bed rubbing her back and singing for about fifteen minutes until she fell asleep in the first place (remember - in the Big Girl Bed, we don't yet leave her there awake. Pointless. First let's get her comfortable in there, and THEN we teach her to stay there!). I got up, crept out. Two minutes later she hollers and is at the door. I go back in, rub rub, sing sing... Out. Whew. We'll see what happens tonight!

I've contemplated doing middle-of-the-night blogging when she wakes me like that, you know, like vintage Druyanity bloggage. But I am just too flipping tired.

So why am I blogging now at 1 AM?

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