Tuesday, July 08, 2008


It took much longer than we thought it would, but Sarah Rochel FINALLY learned to ask...


Moreover, she is also learning to ANSWER "why," like today's conversation in the tubby:

SR: Want to go on airplane.
Me: Remember Pesach, seder, etc?
SR: Yesss.
Me: Well, NEXT Pesach, we're going to America... on an airplane!
SR: Don't want to go on airplane.
Me: Why?
SR: Be... because big girl no airplane. Helicopter.
Me: No, we're not going on a helicopter. Only an airplane.
SR: Don't want it.
Me: Why don't we discuss this again a little closer to the time?
SR: Two minutes!

Did you notice the above 'yesss'? All of a sudden, her omnipresent "yah" as an affirmitive response has switched to the excellently ennunciated 'yesss,' doubly impressive because most adults (ourselves included) say 'yeah' a lot more than 'yes.'

She's such a pip.

She's been quite the entertainer the last couple of nights, I think especially so because Saba has been in residence, and he delights her Highness muchly. So for your approval, two (long) videos of her dancing around, hollering 'sponga' (the Israeli equivalent of mopping, for the uninitiated) and 'shabbos kodesh' (despite today being Monday). Also, reuploaded finally, is her singing in the tubby.


Debbie said...

goodness. she says koydesh. KOYDESH?? i dunno with the blonde ringlets, blue eyes, and cherry sundress I just wasnt expecting that!

Faye said...
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Faye said...

hey Mir,
I finally got the videos to play, and she is totally smushable, also not very subtle!