Monday, August 18, 2008


(I often tell people that the good thing about having such a verbal toddler is she can tell me exactly what she wants. And the bad thing about having such a verbal toddler is she can tell me exactly what she wants. I'm not sure how this exactly relates to the below, but.. oh, leave me alone..)

Sometime last week Sarah Rochel had a nightmare about "cats hurt me." It's not the first time she's had cat nightmares, actually. But she was WIDE awake for a full hour and very hard to calm. So during the day we talked about how she's so much bigger than the cats (we've been saying that for months now, actually) and they Cannot Come In to her room, and she's safe and fine and so on and so forth.

That night, bedtime was horrible. She was SCARED, like really frightened, like running out of the room, death-grip on the parent (like she was at the ocean, grumble) - one of us (gosh, do I remember who? Yoav was still away, musta been me) had to stay with her until she fell asleep, and it was rough.

Something in all those books I read musta clicked, cause I decided that she and I would make "No Cats!" signs. She was into the idea, we made six of them, hung two facing out (so the cats can read them, duh) and four facing in because... shh, don't tell SR... they were really for her reassurance. All was going well.. Until bedtime. That was Thursday night, when Yoav came home from (thankfully) the last overnight. Lights out to tochter sleep took about 2 hours. It also included Yoav moving all the furniture in the room so her bed could be out from under the window.

But... since then, it's been getting a bit better. Which means she's forgetting the level of terror from the nightmare, and she's smart enough to remember (when she's rational) that there's nothing to be scared of. But it's not perfect yet, and last night when she woke up at 5 and wanted me to sit with her, she was still darting her eyes fearfully at the window... but she didn't mention cats. At bedtime tonight she gave a "no cats!" when I closed her window... and that was all the specific cat protest she made. But she was still stalling bedtime as much as she weepily could. Poor babe. She fell asleep in the end with me singing (again, the "Abba Loves Me" song), or was drowsy enough that when I left the room she didn't protest.

Shoot. Musta been some nightmare. That, or it was just that all the unsettledness of Yoav's schedule and other summer maddness was gearing us up for some bedtime disruptions anyway, and the nightmare compounded it. That and Yoav says because I let her watch an hour of "Little People" movies on Tisha Ba'av. Um, maybe. Only happy, cuddly cats in there though.

Shabbos afternoon I walk into her room and say, "Sarah Rochel, how did the crayon get on the wall?"

"I drew Saba!"

We concluded that this had probably happened on Friday afternoon, before I had cleaned up that errant crayon from the floor and when Yoav fell asleep while trying (unsuccessfully) for an hour to get her to take a nap.

So - on Sunday... Sarah Rochel scrubbed the wall. Now, despite the promises on both on the wall paint and on the crayons, I'm awfully glad it's green paint and blue crayon, because soap and water definitely left some slight markings. But it's essentially clean and IY"H her Highness will remember that "we only draw on paper" excludes walls as well as tables, floors and people. Nu nu, it's a milestone.

Let's see... Our faithful metapelet, Yardena, said goodbye to all the kiddies last Thursday, so now SR is bouncing around until gan starts in two weeks. Yesterday and today she went with her buddy Nesanel to HIS metapelet. I just got off the phone with her, and she gave me a nachas-full earfull about how verbal and communicative and wonderful she is and how well she did in a strange situation with strange kids (although with one good friend, which makes a big difference). The first day neither one of us even dropped her off - Nesanel's mother did! Thank God, it's so good to know she's truly adaptable... in daytime (insert grimace).

Oh, and of course last week was the arrival of the Eitan and Chana Friedman clan! (Gosh, hope they don't mind that I wrote their names on the blog - some people do - of course, it's pretty safe to write olim chadashim's names on this blog, since you know whatever they're doing, reading my ramblings is certainly NOT on the top 10 list of things to do when you move to a new hemisphere - things like finding good toothpaste, a place to live, a job, food your kids will eat, etc, somehow come before. We wish them a klita kala!) Anyway, SR has enjoyed hanging out with them IMMENSELY, and she really enjoyed our shopping trips where we kept putting things in the cart for the Friedmans, as in, "Sarah Rochel, PUT THAT DOWN, it's for the Friedmans! Here, we'll buy a bag of Doritos just for you!"

Which reminds me, she's really cute when she finally learns what you teach her... sorta. Like we go grocery shopping, and by now she knows, we can't open what's in the cart until we pay for it. Well, at Yardena's little goodbye party each kid got a little toy, which SR wanted to open SO badly. I told her we'd open it when we got into the car. And again. And again. She accepts it, moves on, comes back in a minute asking to open it again. I say, "Sarah Rochel, we'll open it when..." and she answers ..."We pay for it!"

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Good chinuch is all about brainwashing.

And good blogging is NOT about me rambling (as I have been mercilessly doing), but about cute pictures, so here they are:

I don't remember what she was so pleased about here, but boy, was she. Thumbs up!

For the last day at Yardena I let her dress up a bit. This is her downstairs in the garden of the metapelet's building, which has a bunch of grape vines amongst other fruit trees. We've enjoyed nibbling the hefker shmita grapes on our way home some days.

Sarah Rochel will miss Shulamiti, her good buddy from the metapelet (as in "I want a tik that goes on my back like Shulamiti, I want a kookoo over here like Shulamiti," etc), and of course Yardena, who as I said before has raised my daughter practically!

ps - My sunburn is almost all healed, thank you very much for your concern. If nothing else, it was wonderfully instructive to show my daughter WHY I make her wear sunscreen. Our latest bit of brainwashing, brought to you by Coppertone and Oil of Olay.


Jennifer said...

So what is a "tik" or a "kookoo"? Brendan is doing great with bottles. In fact he gulps the milk. Whoever feeds him has to make him take breaks or he would probably drink all 4-5 ounces in 1 minute!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Oops, sorry about that. A 'tik' is a bag, usually what they call their little backpacks or lunchboxes or whatever.

A 'kookoo' is a ponytail.

Glad he's dealing well with the bottle, and that you're pumping well enough that there ARE all 4-5 ounces to give him!