Wednesday, August 13, 2008


You know how books say that sunburn is worst about 24 hours after exposure, or something like that, meaning that basically you get sunburnt and it only shows up a bit later?

Watching it happen is fascinating. And hurts.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. We went to the Ashdod beach today, since it was of course Wednesday (my day off) and I figured the girl should have one Official Summer Experience. I had my slight doubts, however, that she would enjoy it.

I was right.

She hated the water, wouldn't stand on wet sand, wouldn't even go in the still little pool of sea water that was left from a higher tide.. And while she was happy to sit on the blanket and play with the sand and toys, if her buddy Yisroel was off in the water with HIS mother, we spent the whole time moaning "Yisroel come back."

Oh well. So our Official Summer Experience was sitting on a beach blanket (sheet) in our cute bathing suit looking for boys. I was so hoping to skip that specific experience in her life history.

Anyway, sun-wise, she and I both were wearing the same SPF 60 super-duper protective sunscreen. As you know, an SPF just multiplies your own skin's tolerance (so that if your skin burns in 10 minutes, SPF 15 will allow you to stay out in the sun for 10 X 15 minutes before burning, etc). By that token, I clearly have more fragile skin than my daughter. Either than, or I do a lot better of a job in applying her sunscreen versus my own.

On the way home, I had a smidgen of red on my knee and she had two little dots on her cheeks.

By the time we bathed/showered and changed (and failed to nap, sigh), my knee was bright red and almost painful, and her little dots were a tiny bit larger.

By the time she went to bed tonight, my kneeburn was flaming and painful. Her dots stabilized, B"H, so she looks more like a china doll than usual.

By the time I got off the computer after recovering from bedtime, my knee still hurts AND a swath of my right arm starting looking red and hurting.

By the time I got back on the computer now to blog, I have matching red swaths on both arms, and oddly enough, the knee hasn't healed yet, but the burnt area seems to be growing.

People are such funny creatures.

Anyway, so why am I grumpy?

I think... Because I did something for Sarah Rochel and she didn't appreciate it. Well, she SAID she liked the beach (but not the ocean). But she really didn't have fun, it seemed, and my laundry didn't get done, dishes didn't get washed, she was out of sorts all day from no schedule or something, I barely clocked any work time, my dumb knee is all burnt because I missed a spot with the sunscreen (or it wore out, who knows?) and tomorrow is my daughter's last day at the metapelet who has practically RAISED her for two years and I haven't got a present for her yet, argh, which means I will have to come in a week or two to give it to her and it's odd and whatever cause it's like, what, I didn't prepare?, and we have no aloe in the house and shabbos is coming and Yoav is still up north for day three zillion and five and my Crocs are all sandy (much like my bathroom floor) and I am SO not used to being with my daughter ALL DAY and my lack of ease in having a toddler with me ALL DAY clearly points to my lack of abilities as a mother and gosh it's a good thing I have to work cause otherwise I'd really blow this whole stay home and raise your kid business.

Hence, I'm grumpy.

The fact that SR was particularly fractitious today (from the getting-dressed meltdown this morning all the way to the stalled delayed bedtime tonight) clearly has no bearing.

As for Yisroel's Ima who invited me to the beach... she ain't gonna believe it, but I did really did enjoy going with her and the kids (they are a lot of fun), and she was really a sport about us taking all kinds of alternate routes getting there and back, and I am glad she got me out of the house and glad I got to give SR a new experience.

And next time I will remember that I like my house and new experiences aren't always what my daughter likes!

Addendum an hour later: Shoot. My foot is burnt too.


brenda said...

who knew that about sunscreen. And doesn't it always seemlike the sunburn gets worse after a shower and some cool air. I hope you heal up nice and fast and not like my dad who had to go to the ER on his LAST trip to Israel for his sunburned hands from a deep-sea fishing trip. You may not think SR enjoyed it, but she got to go outside in the fresh air and play in the sand and the sea. What could BE more exciting?
Yael hated her first trip to the beach this summer too. But the second one was lots more fun! She knew what to expect and there happened to be a spray park nearby which was familiar territory for her.
I am SO identifying with your rant today!
I am SO not that mother that has all the gifts ready for the teachers on time. And then I have to face them day in and day out as I bring the kiddos back there. And truthfully, she probably gets so many chackis that whatever you do should be something heartfelt and that takes time to find-see! My baby-handlers all stop for a hug and a kiss from Yael and Yoni if they knoe him.
And what does a clean kitchen look like-can you remind me? And where is the empty laundry basket? Mine are ALWAYS overflowing! This is why we are getting a house with a big kitchen and a washer and dryer!

nechama gorf said...

Firstly, yasher koach on 3 posts in the course of a week! Second, I went to the Ashdod beach on Isru Chag (Pesach) this year, and while I didnt get burnt, cause I never do considering I'm black, I got more tan than Ive even been in my life. Like, this was REALLY BLACK. It was scary. We only sat there for like 2 hours and it wasnt even sunny. But the tan also didnt show up in such drastic detail till much later that night. I think Ashdod must be particularly strong cause Ive sat on other beaches - I was even at Yam Hamelach on Chol Hamoed during the heat wave and I didnt change color at all.

Anonymous said...

Shalom Miriam and Sarah Rochel,
1. First Refuah Shlema U'Mehira to you both
2. We think you are a wonderful Imma ( and Abba), and are just learning like most parents that perfect days are hard to come by and perhaps even impossible...miss you
Love and kisses Saba and Savta
Regards from uncle Boaz.

Jennifer said...

Lol, poor mommy Miriam. I hate sunburns, they take forever to heal it seems like with our super fair skin! Hope you heal soon!