Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lady Singsalot

One of the challenges of raising a child in a bilingual culture is differentiating between two languages and gibberish. Srochs does a lot of singing, especially in the backseat (and especially now during the Three Weeks, sans music). So when she sings "yetzer tov, yetzer tov, where are you, where are you?" okay, that's two languages, and also two songs being combined - the "Vesen banu yetzer, yetzer tov" song with "Where is Thumbkin?". But when she sings "agootchie blee rok rok baaaah" - um... huh?

Her diction still isn't perfect - well, correct that. Her diction is near perfect, when she recollects the proper syllables in the proper order and quantity. For instance, looking at a pomegranate tree with me today, she mentioned eating "rimorimnimim?" (a tochterization of 'rimon').

Anyway, it's a fun daily challenge to figure out just what she's saying. Speaking of which, I have a great video of her making kiddush, which I uploaded... and it's vanished. Harumph. We'll try again later.

What else is new in the world of us? I've had a cold or something post nasal and blechy for about a week now - improving, but irritating. The doc told me last week to try to stay out of the air conditioning. Pardon me as I roll around, laughing, on the non-radiant-heated floor. But we're getting there, bit by tissue laden bit. SR hasn't shown any symptoms, thank God ("You sick, and I'm better") except for a tiny bit of runny nose, which can be attributed to that same heavenly gift of air conditioning.

Natural and artificial climate changes aside, I think she's having a good summer. The heat doesn't seem to bother or affect her at all, which is great. She does ask every now and then to go to "camp" (like Abba), but otherwise she seems happy with our routine. Of course, it's about to change - a week from today is her last day at Yardena the Metapelet, so she'll have to say goodbye to the woman who has watched her since she was 5 months old - almost two years! I think Yardena is going to take it much harder than Sarah Rochel, which isn't surprising. Then we have two weeks of juggling with her other babysitter, Yoav being around and so on, and then... Big Girl (and boy) Gan begins September 1! We have to buy school supplies! We have to get ready! We have to miraculously and without any effort on my part get toilet trained! ... Well, fortunately, we don't HAVE to get toilet trained, but gosh, it would make some things easier.

On that front (well, back...side), she still talks about using the potty and every now and then does it very well (as in, she'll sit on the potty and go, as opposed to just sitting for ages and nothing happening). But the vast majority of the time - she just doesn't care yet. Fine, no rush. The fact that her friend who is 9 days older than her is wearing underwear is completely not a factor in my haste for her to get there, no no, totally not.

Our latest pictures are very pose-y, as in the vogue-ing attitude of my daughter, not as in her being as cute as a flower (which she be). Isn't it odd that she's two years old (and more) and we've never had professional pictures taken of her? Not to suggest any grandparents should send us to do so, ahem ahem. (Insert four grandparent tongues simultaneously sticking out at me.)

As you see below also, we dismantled the cribby! So it's all gone (SR was an active participant in the 'breaking' of it (her term - not ours)) and we are firmly ensconsced in the Big Girl Bed and... BLI ayin hara... she's been sleeping the night through in it without a peep, most beautifully. And when she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she usually says is "I woke up in the big girl bed!" She's really great - she gets up, gets out of bed, and walks to her door, calling us until we come and open it for her. (She can open doors on her own, but only with a lot of deliberate effort. If it was every morning I'm sure she'd get better, but plenty of weekday mornings we have to wake her, rather than her getting up on her own.)

As you see, she's certainly SOUNDLY asleep in the Big Girl Bed (especially since my shooting pictures didn't wake her). And we're certainly glad we have the rail up, since she tends to curvette up to it. (Yes, darn it, 'curvette' is a word I know from a book I read as a kid, I just can't find it on Google! (And when you can't find it on Google...) Maybe it's a horse dressage term?)

Oh good, the video resurrected. Here's the girl, in drag (well, wearing a kippa) because she wanted to be the Abba. And in THAT dress, yet.

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