Friday, August 22, 2008

Where we holding?

Item One: Bedtime. Bli ayin hara, on the up and up! Last night I even left her in her bed wide awake and content, and she went to sleep really on her own. Of course we still had books and songs, but not ad shloof. So we're getting there!

Now we work on naptime. It's hard, since we really only put her down for a nap twice a week, on Fridays and shabbos. Today she took about 20 minutes of being really great and staying in her bed... but calling for us, wanting songs, etc, and generally NOT sleeping. But bli ayin hara, I think she's out now.

Item Two: Cats. Barely a mention in the last few days, thank God! She did say as we were getting into bed today for her nap that "Cats won't come in?" and I was quick to agree that no, they will NOT.

During the first couple nights of the Cat Terror, I even went so far as to tell her, "I promise the cats will not come in." I subscribe to the theory of Rav Orlowek (and others) that you should never make promises to a child on a day to day basis, firstly because you should never BREAK a promise to a child (they can't understand "I promised I'd be here but there was traffic"), and secondly because then when you need something to really affirm your statement to a child ("I promise you are not adopted, no matter what your brother tells you") then you have that tool.

I don't think she noticed though. Hmm. Will save that tool for when we're a little older. I'm not sure she even knows what the word means, since we're so careful not to use it!

Item Three: Potty training.

...Let's just move on.

Item Four: Getting rid of the bawkle.

Right. Any day now. At least we didn't just use it for her nap! And she's combining the comfort mechanism that is sucking/bawkling with playing with her Curly Hair (TM), so we may eventually be able to get rid of one and leave the other . So - do we chuck the bottles or shave her head? You'll just have to tune into this blog to find out!

Item Five: General cuteness. It continues, thank God. A few examples:

----> In the bath the other day, after I sang her something or tickled her or whatever, she said (and this is a quote - it was so cute I wrote it down):

"Excellent, that's a GOOD game! You da best! (pause) I'm in charge, and you're the best.... Okay, I'm the best, like Abba. You're the no best."

Thanks, Squirt.

----> Yesterday in the car, after we were talking about how her friend Nesanel has a new baby sister (mazal, mazal tov!), she volunteers:

"I like babies. I like GIRL babies. I don't like boy babies."

Yoav and I turn to each other, he accusingly, me protesting that I did NOT encourage this! (Note: When I was pregnant with SR, I lived in fear of having a boy, because who understands them anyway??)

So I, drawing upon generations of parental wisdom, say... "Oh."

We ask her why she doesn't like boy babies. She says, "Boy babies are icky."

We try to explain that Abba himself indeed used to be a boy baby, and he isn't icky... Or, Yoav tries to explain it. I am too busy hysterically laughing in the front seat.

----> "I firty, and you two," she says to me. I say, "Oh, you're thirty and I'm two? Sounds good to me!" And she replies, "I firty, now I drive the car."

----> During dinner, she likes to get up and serve as opposed to eat. Last night she went to the drawer with all the paper plates, etc, and brings out the package of straws.

"You want green? You want blue?" (her interrogative tone is SO high it like goes up an octave, and combined with her head tilt and bent arms makes her the cutest little maitre'd in the world)

No, SR, we don't want a straw, thank you.

"You don't want? No?" (this is totally failing to convey how painfully cute this is, so much so that Yoav and I both end up with straws. Because you CANNOT say no to this girl when she's trying to do you a favor. I dare you to try.)

(Our usual napping spot. Note the wipe tenderly placed on the baby's head to shield her from the sun)

Good shabbos ya'll!


Shira said...

Miriam! She's too much! You sure shes just two and not twenty-free?

Zayde said...

I will gladly and gratefully accept any color straw she offers, any time, any place, for any reason or none.