Monday, September 08, 2008


SR is all full of spunk and mischieviousness as well as being stone-cold exhausted (bet you never knew cold stones were tired, but lemme tell ya...). She's finally in pajamas, hair brushed and special-comb-ed, and I'm brushing her teeth... She keeps chomping down, or curling her lips around so her teeth aren't accessible - you know, how toddlers do.

So finally I physically gesture that I withdraw and step away from the table and say, "I'm sorry, no."

Her little face crumbles into misery, and she rolls over (tummy down is our preferred insulted-crying position) and she cries.

I rub her back, and in couple minutes sit her up. She stops crying.

"Sarah Rochel, are you ready for Mommy to finish brushing your teeth now?"

"No." (pout)

"What do you want to do Sarah Rochel?"

"I want to cry more."

(pause) "Oh." (That's the Wise Parental Oh.) "Okay."

And she rolls over and proceeds to resume crying loudly for another minute. Then she's done, we brush her teeth, read books, say shema, and go to sleep beautifully.

The thing is... I'm most proud of her for knowing what she wants. It is most disruptive to one's mental balance to stop crying before you're good and ready. I'm so glad she could articulate what she needed and didn't hesitate to ask for it.

Hmm... a toddler that hesitates to ask for what they want? Much like ROUSs, I don't think they exist. :)

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babybean said...

I think ROUSs do exist in Houston... except instead of Rodents they're Roaches! Lol. I do agree that it is very good to encourage coping mechanisms if they're healthy anyways. I used to sleep when I got upset. I would still do that except I don't have time to do that anymore!