Monday, September 15, 2008

Gulf Coast Guilt

So B"H my parents, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle and cousins are all fine... hot (no power), under-bathed (little water), dark (at night - see no power), but fine. Few fences blown down, little rain leaking in at the windows.. but fine.

YAY! Thank you God!

It's been very strange, reading all the news reports online and watching videos and stuff, and then looking up to my landscape of... dry. Arid. Dusty. Hot (well, THAT's the same). Air-conditioned (thank you God again!). And I never thought I'd feel this way about Israel, but it's so nice to have ENOUGH water (our multi-year drought notwithstanding).

(I started that blog yesterday. Now they have decent water pressure back, thank God, but still no power... and oh, the phone line stopped working too. Sigh.)

I still feel guilty using my air conditioning, my water... going to the gas station without waiting in line (but still, alas, paying far more than my parents would). It's so strange - I feel I ought to be there, but the last thing Houston needs now is one more kvetchy, sweaty, uncomfortable person. And I really LIKE electricity, you know?

Which reminds me, that Sarah Rochel is now tall enough to reach the lowest button in the elevator. (Whew - had to get her in there SOMEWHERE.)


Faye said...

Hey, at least they are not stinky anymore! Glad to hear that everyone is ok. Hope things get settled soon. How are you feeling btw?

Miriam the Mommy said...

Thank God, I'm fine - a bit tired, but think about it: when in the last 30 years have you NOT been tired?


Faye said...

well ok, the point could be made for perpetual tiredness, but I suspect it is worse for you now than other times. Do you have the forgetting thing too?

Miriam the Mommy said...

What did you say your name is again?

Faye said...

I dunno, I forget.... but not for the same reason as you.... I am just old!