Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Testing, testing, 123

I got to 3 twice today. Got there twice, and about three times pulled a "Sarah Rochel, you really don't want me to get to 3." But of course, when you pull an "I'm counting to 3!" on a kid, you have to follow through eventually. But frankly, I never want to. Not from an educational standpoint, no no. From a non-confrontational standpoint.

But being two-and-a-half is not about being non-confrontational. Oh no.

Sarah Rochel is going through a new wave of testing, now that she's pretty settled in with the major recent changes (i.e. Big Girl Bed and Big Girl Gan).

Walking home from afternoon gan today took about 20 minutes, for example, because we wanted to play in the little toy house in someone's parking lot:

"I just want to go inside and make on the potty." (Climbs in through window, lifts dress.)
"Sarah Rochel, you may NOT take off your diaper! I do NOT let!"
"I just pretend."

To say nothing of the need to cross the street more than once ("I need Mommy's hand"), the need to search for wildlife ("I want to go in here and find lizards") and the need to be the Mommy ("I go to the office now, okay? I pick you up later" and she walks up the path to the park).

We don't want to put our shoes back on. We don't want to go anywhere. When we get there, we don't want to leave.

I'm the one who picks her up everyday from afternoon gan at 4 PM. I feel horribly guilty being worn out by 5! Gosh, what do actual retail stay-at-home parents do??? I realize it's a function of me being pretty worn out BEFORE I pick her up as well, but still...

The last couple days she did get an hour nap in at afternoon gan, so THAT's an improvement. Before that we would go to a park and she'd complain "the dirt has too much dirty."

And then, today at gan... well, see next post.

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